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About Us

Car Part Paradise was the lifelong dream of a guy named Sam. While the other kids were out playing ball, or hanging out at the mall, Sam was busy learning about cars. He liked sports, and hanging out with friends, but he was somehow different. Later in life, Sam would come understand that his interest in cars was more than just a hobby, it was a passion.

The smell of gasoline, the roar of a finely tuned engine was just like heaven to Sam. He would lay awake at night, thinking about what his first car would be, and what he would do to it. At the age of 16, Sam found a very-used 1971 Chevy Camaro RS sitting in a grocery store parking lot. He decided this would make the perfect first car, so he convinced his parents to allow him to buy the car.

The Camaro needed a lot of work, and Sam soon realized just how expensive, and hard to find some car parts were. But, after a year of blood, sweat & tears (and lots of money), his Camaro finally rolled out of his dads garage, looking like a million bucks.

Sam would go on to build other cars, but he always wanted to start some sort of business that gave car guys like him, a place to find good quality auto parts & accessories, at reasonable prices. Catalogs & auto parts stores were fine, but they never had exactly what Sam was looking for. So, hed have to look & look, then hed wind up spending more money than hed planned, for car parts and auto accessories that he really didnt want to begin with.

After college, Sam decided to combine his passion for cars, and the search capability of the internet, into a car part business. With the help of some friends, he launched his first website in 2008, and the business has been growing ever since.

The idea behind Car Part Paradise is to offer the do-in-yourselfer a place to find high quality auto parts & auto accessories, at reasonable prices. This is more than just a website, its an actual business, staffed by a bunch of DIY car guys. So, many of the parts that we sell on this website, can be found under the hood of our own cars.

We have over 200,000 Name Brand parts on our digital shelves, and our inventory is Very easy to search. Just put in the year, make & model of your car, and the search thingie will transport you to low-price heaven.

Also, because were more than just a face-less affiliate site, we can offer package deals, and volume discounts (remember, were Authorized Dealers for more than 50 brands) to car clubs & other car businesses. So if you think we might be able to work together, just let us know.

Anyway, welcome to Car Part Paradise!

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