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Air Filters

Air filters are responsible for feeding clean air to your engine. Without it, your engine won’t be able combust fuel efficiently, leading to higher fuel consumption, and lower performance. Fortunately, we carry a huge selection of performance air filters, and OE air filters. So your engine and your wallet can breathe easier.

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Perrin Panel Air Filters
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APEXi Power Intake Panel Air Filter
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Airaid Air Filters
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AEM OE DryFlow Air Filters
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Weapon-R Air Filters
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aFe OE Air Filters
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K&N OE Air Filters
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K&N Custom Racing Assembly Air Filters
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Spec D Air Filters
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CAI Filter Recharge Kit
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CAI Performance Air Filters
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of 44 Products

Your engine essentially breathes through a snorkel. Like you would, if you were swimming over a coral reef. The engine takes in oxygen through the air intake, which is connected to the air box, via a tube called the intake tube. The air filter lives in the airbox, and draws air through a tiny hole at the bottom. Since most OE air filters are made from a thick paper, your engine has to work pretty hard in order to get air. This is why performance air filters are so popular.

A performance air filter is made from either cotton, or synthetic “filter media”. This material is allows much more air to flow through the air filter, which allows your engine to combust fuel more efficiently. By doing this, the engine is able to make more power from the same amount of fuel, resulting in better fuel economy. Plus, performance air filters are reusable, which means you won’t have to replace your air filter ever again.

Air Filter Accessories

Now you can make your engine look as cool as the rest of your ride, thanks to our selection of air filter accessories. From colorful air filter covers, to sensors that can tell you when your air filter is dirty, we have all kinds of neat air filter accessories.

Cleaning & Recharge Kits

Besides saving you money with better fuel economy, a performance air filter saves you money on replacement air filters too. So keep your performance air filter breathing freely with new recharge and cleaning kits. Air filter cleaning liquid will remove all of the tiny dirty particles that you can’t see, leaving your performance air filter free to do its job. If you get a cotton gauze air filter (like a K&N air filter), you’ll need to soak it in air filter oil every 20-30,000 miles. This oil reacts with the cotton, helping it to trap much more dirt than a conventional OE air filter. But no matter what you need, you’ll find it right here in air filter cleaning & recharge kits.

OE Air Filters

Whether you want to keep your ride bone stock, or you want to upgrade with a slightly better quality air filter, we can help. Car Part Paradise has stock replacement air filters, that are just like your OEM air filter. And we have performance air filters (Iike K&N Replacement Air Filters) that are designed to fit in your stock air box. So, no matter what kind of air filter you need, Car Part Paradise has you covered.

Performance Air Filters

A Performance Air Filter is designed to allow a higher volume of air to pass through it, while filtering out a higher percentage of dirt & contaminants. This allows your engine to make more power, while consuming less fuel. The most common types of performance air filters are cotton gauze air filters (like K&N air filters), and synthetic-blend air filters. And guess what? We have both! So no matter what type of performance air filter you’re looking for, you can find it in Car Part Paradise!


A Pre Filter is essentially a breathable wrap for your air filter, or cold air intake. They’re designed to stop large dirt and debris from clogging your performance air filter, making them ideal if you drive in off-road or sandy conditions. Plus, our pre filters are designed to look cool too.

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