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Air Intake Systems

Like a human being, an engine needs air in order to function. Oxygen is taken in to combine with the fuel, and the whole mixture explodes, creating power. If you let in more air, obviously, the whole process will be increased to create more power. And what’s the best way to do this? Why, an air intake system of course!

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A performance air intake system does away the stock airbox, in favor of an open air filter (which can collect a greater volume of air). A Short-Ram air intake (like the AEM Brute Force Intake) utilizes a short air intake tube, mounting the performance air filter inside the engine bay. This type of air intake system utilizes the warm air inside the engine bay to create more power. A cold air intake system (like the Takeda Cold Air Intake) on the other hand, mounts the performance air filter farther away from the engine, allowing it to draw in cold air. Since cold air is more dense than warm air, the engine is able to make more power from a cold air intake vs. a short ram intake.

No matter what type of air intake system you want, you’ll find it here in Car Part Paradise!

Air Intake Accessories

If you need additional hardware to mount your new air intake system, you’ll find it right here.

Air Intake Scoop

An air intake system needs to be fed a large volume of air in order to function properly. On some vehicles, this is easy to achieve. But others require a bit of engineering to feed the air intake system the proper amount of air. Fortunately, you can get an air intake scoop to solve this problem.

Air intake scoops attach to the front of the engine bay, drawing in fresh air from outside of the engine compartment. The air is then funneled through the performance air filter, up the intake tube and into the engine. If you don’t have room to mount a cold air intake system, an air intake scoop is what you’re looking for.

Cold Air Intakes

A cold air intake system (like the Injen Power Flow Cold Air Intake , or the K&N AirCharger) essentially removes the air filter from the heat of the engine compartment, and relocates it in a fender well, behind the front bumper, or behind a heat shield. This allows to cold air intake to feed the engine cold air, which is much more combustible, allowing the engine to create more power from the same amount of fuel.

We carry a large assortment of cold air intake systems to fit any vehicle & any budget. Plus, we’re authorized dealers for many brands, including K&N, Injen, Takeda, & Weapon R. So you’ll get great prices, and the full factory warranty.

Intake Manifolds

On an internal combustion engine, the intake manifold is where the magic happens. Air gets fed to it through the intake tube, along with fuel. This air/fuel mix is then fed to the cylinders where it explodes, creating power. A performance intake manifold is much larger than a stock intake manifold, so more air and fuel can mix, allowing the engine to create significantly more power. We have a large selection of performance intake manifolds, but you will need to know what you’re doing, in order to install it properly.

Mass Air Flow Sensors

An air flow meter measures the amount of air going into the engine. The engine control unit (ECU) then uses this data to properly mix air & fuel before injecting it into the cylinders. By upgrading this component, you’ll be able to compensate for engine upgrades.

Throttle Bodies

On fuel injected vehicles, a throttle body acts as the doorway, allowing fuel to flow into the engine when the gas pedal is depressed. If you increase the size of the throttle body, or improve the internal action, you’ll increase the horsepower. And a new throttle body is the perfect addition to new fuel rails, or a fuel management computer.

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