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Automotive Gauges

If you like to have more information than a warning light can provide, then check out our line of aftermarket gauges. They’re available for a wide range of applications, and they look really cool too.

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B&M Fuel Pressure Gauge
From : $43.23
Free Shipping
BLOX Racing Gauge Mounts
From : $37.40
Free Shipping
RBP Gauge Faces
From : $265.44
Free Shipping
Spyder A-Pillar Gauge Pods
From : $41.55
Free Shipping
MSD RPM Shift Light
From : $131.72
Free Shipping
Defi Racer Gauges
From : $135.61
Free Shipping
Defi Mounting Options
From : $21.12
Free Shipping
Defi Link Meter Advance CR
From : $171.34
Free Shipping
Defi Link Meter Advance BF
From : $224.93
Free Shipping
Defi Link Display
From : $20.31
Free Shipping
Defi Indicators
From : $52.79
Free Shipping
of 73 Products

Years ago, car makers decided to replace the oil pressure gauge, temperature gauge, and volt meter with warning lights (or ‘idiot lights’ if you prefer). But if you’re a serious driver, a little blinking light won’t tell you what you need to know.

Fortunately, aftermarket gauges allow you to have an accurate reading of your engine systems, in a variety of styles. Digital gauges, analog gauges, antique looking gauges, we’ve got the automotive gauges to complete any vehicle.

Gauge Faces

Give your dashboard a more interesting look with one of our stylish and popular gauge faces! Stock gauge faces are too dull that sometimes you don’t look at them as often as you should. Get the early warning signs with your colorful, personalized, and stylish gauge faces from Carpartparadise!

Gauge Mounts

Want to put your car gauges where you want them? Then check out our selection of gauge mounts. We have a-pillar gauge mounts, pod mounts, and all the mounting hardware that you’ll need.


Aftermarket gauges are much more accurate than OE gauges, and they can add a custom look to any ride. From turbo boost gauges, to speedometers (like the AutoMeter Phantom Speedometer), we’ve got them in any style that you can imagine.

Shift Lights & Warning Lights

A shift light can help you get better fuel economy, and reduce wear on your transmission. But they can be set to help you get more performance on track day. Regardless of how you use your shift lights, or warning lights, Car Part Paradise has the right one for your application.

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