GMC Yukon 2000-2006 Spyder Black Projector Headlights

The GMC Yukon is marketed as a full-sized SUV whose basic platform is also used in the chassis of several wagons and trucks produced by corporate cousins, Chevrolet (Tahoe, Suburban) and Cadillac (Escalade).

Due to its overall performance, the Yukon has consistently earned a fairly high rating among users who commonly include large families, outdoors- and sports-oriented individuals, and owners of businesses that require considerable horsepower to haul or transport different loads.

While already dominating in the road, the parking lot, or the showroom, the GMC Yukon can still be upgraded in order to optimize its visual appeal or road performance. There are several upgrade kits available for the Yukon here at Car Park Paradise. For Yukon owners who like to make a head start in the mod race, we recommend the installation of affordable projector headlights that will not only provide superior lighting in low visibility conditions but also give a plus on the Yukon’s scorecard for good looks.

Check out the following video that will guide you on how to install the headlights yourself (translation: great savings, since you get to retain the mechanic’s fee for yourself).


Installation: Projector Headlights on 2000-06 GMC Yukon

Installation Tips:
The video provides step-by-step instructions on how to properly remove your old headlights and the correct way of installing your new projector headlights. Remember to always test whether the new component you have purchased is working properly using your vehicle’s 12V battery before actually removing your old headlights. We at Car Part Paradise assure all customers that we sell only brand new parts and accessories. However, a few units from manufacturers may be defective due to a number of factors such as transport-related damages. By wiring the electronic component directly to your vehicle’s battery, you can check whether it is functioning as expected.


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