If you’re planning to upgrade your stock headlamps, you might want to consider replacing them with advanced projector headlamps that really function like a dream and look exactly like the keen eyes of a modern apex predator.

Headlamps are critical car components, enabling drivers to safely maneuver vehicles in low visibility conditions such as nighttime, high fog density, and torrential rain. A good, dependable headlamp should be able to produce adequate illumination in order for drivers to see the road conditions clearly. Over the years, technologies that aim to provide this main headlamp functionality have evolved such that the advanced automotive lighting of today is a far cry from its roots back in 1912, when the first electric light was installed on a Cadillac. The different automotive lighting technologies of today are used in the production of advanced HID headlamps, LED lamps, dual halo headlamps, and projector headlamps.

Also called polyellipsoidal lamps, the first projector headlamps were introduced on an Audi Quartz, a variant of Audi’s venerable Quattro brand that was conceptualized for a 1981 automobile expo in Geneva. Five years later, projector headlamps were volume-produced and became an innovative fixture for the 1986 BMW 7 series.

In a nutshell, projector headlamps differ from traditional headlamps by the way they radiate light beams. Conventional headlights are generally constructed with refractor lenses that are patterned in such a way as to distribute light where the driver needs it most, and reduce it where it can become distracting to oncoming traffic. On the other hand, projector headlamps do not use refractors at all but perform the same functions better and more efficiently. Commonly, projector headlamps are composed of a light bulb, an elliptical reflector positioned at the back, an outer lens, and a solenoid. The innovative design specifically upscales how light beams are radiated.

Today, just about any high performance car would be incomplete without projector headlamps.  If you want to line up your car among the best and safest road performers, check out Car Part Paradise’ range of affordable projector headlamps from top-notch manufacturers such as Anzo, Spec D Tuning, and APC.