Nissan Titan 04-07 Sonar Chrome LED Halo Projector Headlight

As its name suggests, the Nissan Titan is of exceptional power and personality. This relatively young nameplate (the series was launched just in 2004) was the first foreign-branded vehicle to seriously challenge the dominant–largely American–players in the big truck category.

As Nissan’s full-sized pickup, the Titan provides decent street and off-road performance and remains a good option for consumers who require a powerful workhorse for hauling or towing different loads.

But if you think your Titan looks a little plain compared to the high-end trims of its ruggedly commanding peers from other manufacturers, you can start sprucing up your rig a bit. There are different body kits available for the Titan here at Car Part Paradise, which will lend your truck a showroom charm. However, you might also want to start with something simpler, and performance headlights could adequately do the trick.

Watch the following video on how easy it is to transform your Titan into something really worthy of its name.


Installation: Halo Projector Headlights on 2004-2007 Nissan Titan

Installation Tips:
The video provides step-by-step instructions on how to properly remove your old headlights and the correct way of installing your new projector headlights. Remember to always test whether the new component you have purchased is working properly using your vehicle’s 12V battery before actually removing your old headlights. We at Car Part Paradise assure all customers that we sell only brand new parts and accessories. However, a few units from manufacturers may be defective due to a number of factors such as transport-related damages. By wiring the electronic component directly to your vehicle’s battery, you can check whether it is functioning as expected.

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