Sonar projector headlights for Audi 2006-2008 A4 | chrome


If you think your Audi A4 needs a bit of grooming, then getting a pair of performance projector headlights could do just the trick. The thing is, A4’s are already at par and even better than other entry level compact sedans from similar brands in terms of overall performance and value-for-price. Installing performance headlights not only gives bonuses to your scorecard on looks and functionality but can also leave behind the competition for good.

To learn how to install your A4’s new performance headlights yourself, just watch the following video.


Installation: Audi A4 06-08 DRL LED Projector Headlights

Installation Tips:
The video provides step-by-step instructions on how to properly remove your old headlights and the correct way of installing your new projector headlights. Remember to always test whether the new component you have purchased is working properly using your vehicle’s 12V battery before actually removing your old headlights. We at Car Part Paradise assure all customers that we sell only brand new parts and accessories. However, a few units from manufacturers may be defective due to a number of factors such as transport-related damages. By wiring the electronic component directly to your vehicle’s battery, you can check whether it is functioning as expected.


Audi A4 headlights come in either black or chrome here at Car Part Paradise. Pick one from our product catalog.