Nothing upscales a car as much as a new set of wheels. Wheels define a car’s personality and a carefully chosen wheel design can, by itself, visually transform a boring run-of-the-mill machine into a certified road thoroughbred.

But what if you’re a bit cash-challenged at the moment and you’re really itching to crush any memory of the stock wheel that comes with your second hand auto? The elusive answer is right at the center of Auto Part Paradise: we offer affordable wheel spacers and adapters from the German engineering giant H&R.

Wheel spacers are thin metal discs that can be fitted between the vehicle and the wheel. Spacers make your car look more stable, sporty, and aggressive by slightly extending the wheels outward. Consequently, they also make your wheels look wider and more powerful than they actually are. In terms of performance, wheel spacers actually improve handling by making your car navigate corners better due to the more stable stance.

Most manufacturers of wheel fittings provide excessive spaces between the fenders, wheels, and tires, which has the overall effect of making cars look top-heavy. Wheel spacers solve this issue by “visually” correcting the stance of vehicles.  In addition, if you really intend to transform your stock auto into a high performance wonder, you’ll really be needing wheel spacers because they provide clearance for other upgrades or enhancements such as high performance coilovers, springs, and brake caliphers.

H&R-HR Wheel Spacers

H&R is probably our best in-store brand for wheel spacers. Decades of leading edge design goes to H&R wheel spacers, such that the brand has reportedly become a favorite among aficionados of BMW and other car makes. H&R wheel spacers are made of a special steel alloy that is as strong as but significantly lighter (by about almost 70%) than conventional automotive steel. They are also resistant to scratching, oxidation, and chipping.

H&R also manufactures wheel adapters that allow adventurous enthusiasts to install a wheel on a fitting with different specs (different number bolts and spacing’s, etc.). This enables the use of Chevrolet wheels on a Honda, for example. Check out our catalog for more details.