For many people, owning a car is something for the long haul. When you first bought your car, you’re amazed at the flawless exterior. Inside, the impeccable smell of newness more than compensates for the dent the purchase made on your wallet. Over time, however, minor scratches and normal wear eventually erodes your car’s showroom look and you’re compelled to buy and use accessories or replacement parts that help arrest further deterioration.

One of the most used—well, at least handled—parts of your car is the steering wheel. Consequently, it is also among the parts that experience highly visible wear over time. So what do you do if your steering wheel is looking more like old, cracked snakeskin that is peeling off?

Well, you can throw away your worries to the nearest dump and take a delighted look at our discounted Wheelskins offerings. Wheelskins has been around since the 70s and is currently the top player when it comes to genuine leather accessories for the automotive sector. In fact, Wheelskins steering wheel covers are staple items especially in the upscale accessories niche that cater to consumers that demand only the best for their cars.

Mini Cooper Wheelskin Wheel CoverToyota Avalon Steering wheel CoverMazda 3 Leather Steering Wheel Cover

There’s simply a lot of benefits when you choose to upgrade your interior using a Wheelskin steering wheel cover. First, you can install it easily over the old leather or plastic film of your steering wheel. It also comes in quite a number of colors and styling that will suit just about any vehicle or driver requirement. Basically, there are three main designs to choose from: Original (one tone), EuroTone (two-toned), and EuroPerf (one color, perforated). There are 15 colors available, each designed to reflect the driver’s personal style preference. In addition to standard colors, Wheelskins steering wheel covers also come in burgundy, oak, charcoal, and sand. Lastly, the respected brand earned consistent consumer satisfaction and loyalty because it offers only the most finely crafted leatherwork.

If those don’t count because you’re just a practical driver, then consider these functional benefits: Wheelskins steering wheel covers 1) prolong the life of your steering wheel; 2) protect steering wheels from the sun’s rays that cause cracking and fading; and 3) improves your grip on the wheel for a safer ride.