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Body Kits

For many people, a car is just a transportation device. But if you love cars, and you’re the artistic-type, then a car can be your 4-wheeled canvas! Of course, you’re going to need “art supplies”. And that’s why we stock a full range of body kits, and body kit parts, designed to turn an ordinary car, truck, or SUV, into a rolling work of art!

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LSD Lambo Doors
From : $1,366.74
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Spyder Side Skirts
From : $134.40
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Spyder Ford Mustang Scoops & Louvers
From : $70.15
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Hotchkis Hood Pins
From : $192.84
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TEIN Hood Dampers
From : $140.06
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WingsWest Spoilers
From : $189.00
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WingsWest Side Skirts
From : $95.00
WingsWest Roll Pans
From : $149.00
WingsWest Rear Bumpers
From : $289.00
of 142 Products

Let your imagination run wild! We have an unbelievable selection of body kits that range from mild, to “Whoa!!”. From discrete side skirts, and bumper covers, to lightweight carbon fiber doors and fenders, Car Part Paradise is body kit heaven!

Each body kit part comes unfinished, and is ready for custom paint (although, you might decide to leave the carbon fiber body parts unfinished, to show off that mesmerizing carbon fiber weave). We have fiberglass body kits to fit any car & any budget. And our carbon fiber body kits will shave weight from your ride, while increasing the downforce in the turns.


If you’re building a serious street machine, then you understand how important it is to reduce unsprung weight. And since doors weigh a lot, why not shave a few extra pounds with one of our fiberglass door caps, urethane door caps, or a super-lightweight carbon fiber door?

All of our door skins come unfinished, so you can paint them what ever color you like. And your existing interior door panels, and side window fits right into place. Now you don’t have an excuse not to replace your door cap, or entire door.

Fender Flares

Fender Flares are just what you need to achieve wider stance for the ultimate road presence! Blessed are those who own million-dollar European race cars with the oh-so-wide stance. But smart customizers can get the same look by getting good looking fender flares plus aftermarket wheels and voila! You’ve got the European look that everyone can't take their eyes off.


New front fenders, and rear quarter panels can add some serious attitude to your ride while reducing your vehicle’s overall weight. Many of our fiberglass fenders and carbon fiber fenders have sporty vents, and flared wheel openings built right into the design. With our huge selection, you can give your car, truck, or SUV an entirely new look, for a lot less money than you might think.

Front Bumpers

The front end of your ride is the side that most people actually see. Whether it’s in their side mirror, or their rear view mirror, everybody that you drive behind will see your front bumper. So why not give them something cool to look at?

We have fiberglass bumpers, and carbon fiber front bumpers that range from mild to wild. Some are very tasteful and feature cutouts for fog lights. While others are very aggressive, and have built-in veins to channel the air around the front of your ride. No matter if you drive a car, truck, or SUV, we have a new front bumper to fit it.

Full Body Kits

A complete body kit (like an Extreme Dimensions Full Body Kit) not only adds style & flare to your ride, but it increases aerodynamic efficiency too. When you go through a curve at speed, the wind fights against your car. A complete body kit is designed to help your entire car use the wind to create downforce, keeping the car firmly planted on the road.

By matching the front bumper cover, to the side skirts, to the rear bumper cover, to rear spoiler, you’re able to channel the air around the car, and keep it on the ground. Plus, having body kit parts that match in design looks really cool.

Headlight Eyelids

If you want to add a subtle detail, that will make a big difference, then try one of our headlight eyelids. They’re easy to install, and they’re made of durable ABS plastic. So you can hit them with a custom paint job, or leave them the way they are. Either way, they’re going to look cool.


If you want to add a subtle detail, that will make a big difference, then try one of our headlight eyelids. They’re easy to install, and they’re made of durable ABS plastic. So you can hit them with a custom paint job, or leave them the way they are. Either way, they’re going to look cool.

Rear Bumpers

The second most viewed side of your ride has to be the back end. Unless you live in the South Pole, somebody’s going to get behind you in traffic. And guess what? They’re going to be staring at your back bumper!

So give them something cool to look at with one of our custom rear bumpers. You can choose from an affordable fiberglass rear bumper, or a super-lightweight carbon fiber rear bumper. With designs that range from mild-to-wild, you’re sure to find a new rear bumper that fits both your car, and your personality.

Roll Pans

Truck Roll Pans give your vehicle a cleaner, customized look. Most of our roll pans come unpainted, so you can paint it to match your truck’s color. Truck roll pans remain to be one of the most favorite pieces of truck customers because they are totally stylish and functional. So if you’ve been wanting to hide that trailer hitch, choose from our truck roll pans now!

Scoops & Louvers

Whether you want a new hood scoop, or Mustang louvers, we’ve got your covered. Our catalog is filled with fiberglass hood scoops, carbon fiber hood scoops, fiberglass louvers, carbon fiber louvers, and a whole bunch more. Simply click here, and let your imagination run wild.

Side Skirts

Side skirts not only improve the look of your ride, but they also increase downforce in the bends. By providing channels for the air to flow through, your car actually gets pushed into the road by the wind, creating more cornering grip at speed.

Our side skirts come in many styles and materials. So it doesn’t matter if you drive a car, truck, or SUV, we’ve got side skirts to fit it.


Spoilers are designed to do two things, look cool, and increase downforce. By increasing downforce, you can go faster, and corner harder. By looking cool, well, you know what that does!

We have spoilers that were designed on a racetrack, to provide maximum downforce. All of our aluminum spoilers, fiberglass spoilers and carbon fiber spoilers come with aerodynamically proven designs. That way, you’re not just posing, you’re winning.

Trunk Lids & Hatches

It doesn’t matter if you want to reduce your car’s weight, or make it stand out, our line of trunk lids will help you do both. Weighing far less than a stock trunk lid, our carbon fiber trunk lids and carbon fiber hatch will improve both your handling & fuel economy. Plus if you leave them unpainted, they get a lot of attention too.

Wiper Cowls

Get the radical new look or softer accent with new wiper cowls! They are your affordable way for great styling and saving from wiper replacements. Actually, wiper cowls have a lot of functional purposes. These ABS plastic or carbon fiber pieces deflect air flow over the wipers, reducing noise and preventing rain and dirt build-up in your windshield. High quality wiper cowls protect your windshield wipers from the heat of the sun, so they can last longer.

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