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Horsepower is meaningless if you can’t control it. So if you’re going to increase your horsepower, you’d better increase your stopping power too.

Bigger brakes not only shorten your stopping distance, but they also allow you to brake later in a turn, which will increase your lap times significantly. Granted, that only applies to Track Days, where you’re driving on a closed course. We’re in no way suggesting that you drive like that on a public road. You could easily kill yourself, or someone else. But we are saying that performance brakes can improve your ability to handle your vehicle. Which is well worth the extra money.

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Russel Performance Brake Hoses
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Hawk Quiet Slot Rotors
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Hawk OES Brake Pads
From : $32.97
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Project Mu B-Spec Brake Pads
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Project Mu Club Racer Brake Rotors
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Project Mu NS400 Brake Pads
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Project MuHC800  Brake Pads
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Project Mu Club Racer Brake Pads
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Cusco Brake Cylinder Stopper
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EBC Brake Wear Sensor Kit
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EBC Ultimax Slotted Rotors
From : $71.38
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EBC OEM Replacement Rotors
From : $41.98
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of 60 Products

You can have 189 airbags, and all the automatic driver assist safety systems in the world. But without good brakes, you might need an escape pod too. Fortunately, Car Part Paradise carries a mammoth selection of performance brakes, OE brakes, brake pads and a whole lot more.

Unlike an OEM brake rotor, a performance brake rotor usually has slots or holes drilled into the surface. This is to allow the gasses that build up during braking to dissipate. Otherwise, those gasses can come between the brake rotor and the brake pad, causing a reduction in braking ability.

Similarly, performance brake pads (like Hawk Performance Ceramic Brake Pads) are made from more aggressive materials. The more “bite” the brake pad material has, the faster you’re going to stop. But performance brake pads are typically noisier, and create much more brake dust than a stock OEM brake pad.

Big Brake Kits

If you’ve upgraded to bigger wheels, or you plan to go run laps at the local racetrack, then you might want to consider a big brake kit.

Big brake kits come with considerably larger brake rotors & brake calipers. Naturally, your braking ability will be considerably increased, which is important when you’re running bigger wheels (remember, the bigger the wheel, the longer the stopping distance)

Brake Lines

Often overlooked, brake lines are a vital component in your vehicle’s suspension & safety systems. However, OEM brake lines aren’t designed to handle “sporty” driving, and they can actually expand under extreme pressure. So if you’re going to upgrade to performance brakes, you need to get a set of stainless steel brake lines too (like Goodridge stainless steel brake lines).

Unlike stock rubber brake lines, stainless steel brake lines can handle as much as 4,000 psi. This ability translates into quicker brake response, and better pedal modulation. Plus, they can handle abuse (like driving off-road) much better than OE brake lines. 

Brake Pads

A brake pad is made of an abrasive material which gets squeezed against the spinning brake rotor every time you press the brake pedal. Performance brake pads (like Hawk HPS Street Performance brake pads) use a more aggressive material, resulting in more stopping power than your typical OE brake pads.

Regardless if you want performance brake pads, OEM brake pads, truck brake pads, heavy-duty brake pads, or ceramic brake pads, we’ve got them all.

Brake Rotors

A brake rotor is a big round disk that spins with a vehicle’s wheel. When braking is required, the brake caliper squeezes the brake pads against the brake rotors, slowing the vehicle down. Brake rotors are susceptible to damage and warping from extreme heat. So if you keep having this problem, you might want to try upgrading your OE brake rotors to a set of performance brake rotors (like Centric Power Slot Slotted & Drilled Rotors). They have slots and grooves to dissipate the heat, and they will increase your stopping power too.

Brake Wear Sensors

Know instantly when your brake pads are almost worn out with our Brake Wear Sensors! We sell the most famous EBC Brake Wear Sensor Kit for the safest and most dependable service that we ship for free too!


If you’re into drifting, or any kind of performance driving, then you know how important E Brake control is. So take your car control skills to a whole new level with a hydraulic E-Brake from Car Part Paradise.

A hydraulic emergency brake allows you to lock the back wheels with just a flick of the wrist. Instead of relying on cables & levers, a hydraulic e brake uses hydraulics to actuate the rear brakes. This will not only save you time on the course, but it’ll help you maintain precise control over your car.

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