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Bras & Paint Protection

When you buy a car you want to keep it clean & damage-free. Otherwise, you’re going to loose money when it comes time to sell, or trade it in. Fortunately, car bras and paint protection film was designed to help you keep your ride in showroom condition.

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Lamin-X Door Cup Paint Protection
From : $20.53
Free Shipping
Lamin-X Rear Bumper Guards
From : $24.21
Free Shipping
Husky Liners Shield Paint Protection
From : $44.12
Free Shipping
Coverking Velocitex Hood Bra
From : $36.46
Free Shipping
Coverking Velocitex Front End Bra
From : $77.58
Free Shipping
Lamin-X Paint Protection
From : $40.46
Free Shipping
Showing 6 Products

A car bra and paint protection film is designed to keep road debris and bugs from destroying your paint. Stone chips can lead to rust, the acid from dead bugs can eat through clear coat, and surface scratches can ruin your paint job. Paint protection eliminates all these problems, leaving your vehicle looking showroom new.

Paint protection film is a clear plastic film that was designed to stick to the front of your vehicle. It’s thick enough to absorb scratches and dings. And it removes cleanly, leaving your paint shiny & scratch-free.

Car Bras

Car bras slip over the very front of your ride, usually around the front bumper. They’re often made from nylon or vinyl, and some have a padded backing. A car bra is designed to absorb the loose rocks and bugs that can fly into the front of your vehicle, protecting the paint from unnecessary damage.

Paint Protection Kits

Paint protection kits come with pre-cut pieces of paint protection film. These pieces will match the contours of your exact make & model, so there’s no cutting required. Once installed, our automotive paint protection kits are virtually invisible, and they’ll stay put until you peel them off.

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