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Car Covers

A car cover does more than just keep leaves and dust off your ride. Car covers protect your vehicle’s paint & interior from UV rays, which is the leading cause of faded paint, and cracked dashboards. Custom car covers also keep your car from being scratched, while it sits in the garage, or parking lot.

If you think about it, your vehicle is a pretty big investment. So get a car cover to protect it from the elements, or keep it safe while it’s in storage. Our line of car covers feature cutting-edge materials, for added breathability & durability. Plus, these aren’t cheap car covers that’ll fall apart the first time you use it. They’re made to last and they’re affordable.

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Whether you store your car in the carage or just across the road, car covers provide the solid protection against all the elements that can damage your vehicle’s exterior and interior. If you don’t want to pay any of those expensive repaints, dent repairs, dashboard replacements, invest on affordable and reliable car covers now!

Universal Car Covers

You wouldn’t want even the smallest scratch, dirt, ding on your car’s flawless finish right? Or what about cracked or faded dashboard? Our universal car covers will protect your car from all these nasty things and keep their fresh-from-the-showroom look and shine!

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