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Chrome Accessories

100 years ago, chrome accessories on a car meant that it was owned by someone of distinction. Chrome was expensive, so it was only used on the most expensive models.

Fast forward 100 years, and chrome trim is barely used, even on top models. So why not bring back the golden days of motoring with our vast selection of chrome accessories? You can exchange those drab black door handles for chrome door handles. Or you could get a complete chrome kit, and deck out your entire ride.

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APS Chrome Tailgate Handle Covers
From : $24.00
Free Shipping
APS Fender Trims
From : $39.20
Free Shipping
APS Chrome Mirror Covers
From : $37.20
Free Shipping
APS Chrome Kit
From : $74.00
Free Shipping
APS Chrome Door Handle Covers
From : $26.40
Free Shipping
DefenderWorx Misc Chrome Accessories
From : $79.99
Free Shipping
DefenderWorx Door Handles
From : $176.15
Free Shipping
DefenderWorx Exterior Chrome Kit
From : $747.62
Free Shipping
DefenderWorx Fuel Door Covers
From : $129.99
Free Shipping
QAA Side Molding Inserts
From : $75.00
Free Shipping
QAA Chrome Headlight Bezels
From : $87.00
Free Shipping
QAA Chrome Door Sills
From : $57.00
Free Shipping
of 91 Products

All of our Chrome Accessories are creatively designed for the perfect fit, and they are easily installed too. They are coated with the perfect chrome accent for the luster that will definitely set your vehicle apart from the crowd. Here at carpartsparadise, you can say goodbye to boring! Our chrome pieces are even matched with other accents like led lights and logos for the sizzling style for your ride.

Chrome Door Handles

Your car door handle is a point of contact that every passenger makes. So make it special with a real chrome door handle, or an ABS chrome door handle from Car Part Paradise.

Our chrome door handles (like Putco Chrome Door Handles) install easily and last a lifetime. Made from either chrome plated stainless steel, or ABS plastic, these chrome door handles can turn a base model into a top model in no time.

Chrome Door Sills

Install a set of our chrome door sills and your door sills will never be overlooked again! Our chrome door sills are made of durable stainless steel, so they can withstand years of abuse. Plus they’re simple to install, and they look fantastic.

Chrome Fuel Doors

If you want your ride to be as “outgoing” as you are, then check out our selection of chrome fuel doors (like AMI Fuel Doors). They’re as subtle as 20ft neon sign, and they’ll make the perfect finish to your Blingmobile.

Chrome Kits & Packages

Instead of chroming out your ride one piece at a time, you can get a complete chrome kit with everything you need to completely Blingify your ride. From chrome door handles, to chrome side moldings, you can get it all for one low price. And shipping’s Free too!

Chrome Light Bezels & Trims

Details are what give a vehicle character. And adding a hint of chrome around your headlights or tail lights can really set it off. Our selection of chrome headlight bezels & chrome tail light bezels are designed to fit right over your factory lights, for an easy installation. All you have to do is convince people that your chrome bezels didn’t come with the car.

Chrome Mirror Covers

Even if your ride is a base model, you can take it up a notch with a set of our chrome mirror covers (like Putco Mirror Covers). Made of either chrome plated stainless steel, or chrome foiled ABS plastic. These chrome mirror covers install right over your existing mirrors using durable 3M adhesive. They’ll stay in place just like a factory chrome mirror cover, and everybody will think you’re driving a top-of-the line model.

Chrome Pillar Post Trim

In years past, chrome trim was a sign of distinction. Now, it’s barely used. But you can change all that with a set of our chrome pillar post trim.

Designed to bond to your door trim, these chrome pillar post trim pieces add a touch of class to any ride. And they’ll look factory too, thanks to the 3M bonding adhesive. If you want to make a big difference to the look of your ride, for a small amount of money, these chrome pillar post trim kits are the way to go..

Chrome Rocker Panels & Side Moldings

If you want to add some visual definition to your ride, then check out our selection of chrome rocker panels / chrome side moldings. They bring the eye down, accentuating the length of the vehicle. Plus, they can protect your doors from dings in the parking lot.

Chrome Side Fender Vents

Years ago, chrome side vents were used to cool the engine. But now, they’re a design element that just looks cool. We have a large selection of chrome fender vents, and some even have built-in LED’s (like Spec D Side Vents). So whatever look you’re trying to create, we have chrome side fender vents to suit your needs.

Chrome Window Trims

Today, chrome window trim isn’t used that much on newer cars. And we think that’s a shame. But now you can do something about it, thanks to our large selection of chrome window trims. Available for almost every model of car, truck & SUV, our chrome window trims mount securely, and look as if they came from factory.

Fender Trims

Nothing says Bling like chrome around the wheel arches. So bring back that old-school look with our chrome fender trims. Each set of chrome fender trim is made to fit a specific make and model. So it’ll fit correctly, and look fantastic, right out of the box.

Hummer Chrome Accessories

If you drive a Hummer, then you obviously like to stand out from the crowd. So make your Hummer stand out from the rest with some of our Hummer Chrome Accessories (like Putco Hummer Accessories). We have chrome skid plates, chrome step rails, chrome vents and a whole bunch more!

Tailgate & Trunk Accessories

Since so many people spend time staring at the back of your ride, why not give them something cool to look at? We have a large selection of chrome tailgate handles, chrome trunk trim, and a whole bunch of other chrome tailgate accessories. Click here to check it out.

Misc Chrome Accessories

Think you’ve got all the chrome trim that you need? Well think again! This category has all of the chrome accessories that you didn’t know existed. From chrome hinge covers for a Jeep, to chrome side marker lamp covers for a BMW, you’ll find a little bit of everything here.

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