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Cooling and Heating

Whether you drive a diesel Ford F-250, or a Fast & Furious Honda Civic, itís important to maintain a constant temperature. Otherwise, youíre going to cook your engine, which can cost you thousands. Fortunately, we have everything from radiators to thermostats, at prices thatíll help you keep your cool.

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Seibon Cooling Plates
From : $238.00
Spec-D Radiator Hoses
From : $46.25
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Mishimoto Fan Switches
From : $47.45
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Weapon-R Aluminum Coolant Overflow Tank
From : $128.05
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Koyo KS-Series Radiators
From : $375.68
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Koyo Hyper V-Series Radiators
From : $361.64
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Koyo HH-Series Radiators
From : $300.80
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Koyo V-Series Radiators
From : $239.96
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Koyo R-Series Radiators
From : $249.32
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Koyo S-Series Radiators
From : $155.72
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Cusco High Pressure Radiator Cap
From : $43.11
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Cusco Radiator Cooling Plates
From : $130.21
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of 49 Products

When building a performance car, itís important to upgrade all of the vital systems, like the brakes , and the suspension . But most important of all, you need to upgrade your cooling system. Otherwise, you risk watching your investment go up in a cloud of smoke.

In terms of automotive cooling systems, bigger is always better. A bigger racing radiator, or aluminum radiator can move more coolant, which removes more heat from the engine. Racing fans, and fan shroud kits move a lot more air through the cooling system, reducing your operating temperature tremendously. And silicone radiator hoses resist coolant flow obstructions when the pressure builds.

Cooling Fans

A belt-driven fan draws power from the engine, reducing your overall horsepower. An electric radiator fan on the other hand, uses electricity. So it’s more efficient to operate, and it can move a lot more air too.

We have a large selection of radiator fans, and racing fans. Plus we’re authorized dealers for all of the brands that we sell. So you can get a really “cool” radiator fan, and a factory warranty too.

Cooling Plates

Feed your radiator with more air flow using our high quality cooler plates! We have the most advanced designs like our AIT Racing Air Diversion Panels that prevents air from escaping through your vehicle’s gaps and reroutes is to your radiator.

Cooling System Accessories

Whether you need a silicon radiator hose clamp, a fan switch, a transmission cooler, a radiator cap, or an oil cooler, youíll find it right here.

Oil Cooler Kits

Overheating oil is not good for your high-performance engine. Unleash peak performance by keeping your oil cool with an Oil Cooler Kit from carpartparadise! Donít worry, shipping is on us.

Radiator Brackets

Enjoy hassle free radiator mounting with high-quality radiator brackets! We offer the strongest ones in the market like the Mishimoto Radiators Stay!

Radiator Caps

We have heavy-duty Radiator Caps that will handle pressure from street/strip use with flying colors! While others have plain and dull designs, our Skunk2 Radiator Cap are stylishly designed for great looks under the hood. 

Radiator Fan Shroud

A radiator fan shroud directs the fanís cooling power right into the radiator. An aluminum radiator fan shroud is much more resistant to heat than a plastic OE fan shroud. So itís the preferred type of radiator fan shroud among tuners. And guess what? We have aluminum radiator fan shrouds, and we even ship them for Free too!

Radiator Hoses

Most people don’t think about their radiator hoses until they start leaking. But you can prevent this from happening when you upgrade to an aluminum radiator hose, or a silicon radiator hose (like a Megan Racing Radiator Hose). These are much more resistant to pressure expansion, which means, you’ll be able to keep your engine cool, no matter what.


Obviously, if you can move more air through more coolant, you’re going to lower your operating temperature, right? Right! So if you’re going to upgrade your engine, upgrade to hi-flow radiator too.

Our Racing Radiators, and aluminum radiators are designed to withstand extreme temperatures (which you generate by driving fast), while maintaining an optimum operating temperature. Plus, you get a factory warranty, and you get Free shipping too.


A car thermostat is like a dam, which opens to allow coolant to flow, once a certain temperature is reached. The lower the temperature setting, the lower the operating temperature of your engine will be. So keep your road-rocket in perfect tune with one of our performance thermostats. Theyíre a simple piece of engineering that can make a huge difference.

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