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Wind buffeting can really annoying, especially on a long trip. And dead bugs can eat right through your paint like a hot knife through butter. So protect your sanity & your paint job, with our line of window deflectors & bug deflectors.

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Putco Element Hood Shield
From : $76.29
Free Shipping
TrailFX Hood Protectors
From : $73.60
Free Shipping
TrailFX In-Channel Window Visors
From : $49.55
Free Shipping
TrailFX Window Visors
From : $45.96
Free Shipping
WeatherTech Side Window Deflectors
From : $47.67
Free Shipping
WeatherTech Sunroof Wind Deflectors
From : $65.46
Free Shipping
WeatherTech Stone & Bug Deflectors
From : $68.46
Free Shipping
of 48 Products

Deflectors are designed to deflect wind, bugs and water while you’re going down the road. Naturally, they have to be strong, and they have to stay in place. That’s why all of our deflectors are made from the strongest materials available. And they install using automotive-grade 3M adhesive. So they’ll stay in place for years to come.

Bug Deflectors

Bug deflectors mount on the very edge of your hood, preventing bugs, rocks, and other small road debris from flying onto your hood & windshield. Using simple aerodynamics, our bug deflectors clear a path for you to drive through. Keeping the front of your vehicle clean and damage free.

If you do a lot of driving, you’ve no doubt had to clean dead bug guts off your hood and windshield. Well, those dead bugs contain acid, which will eat through your paint, causing unsightly stains and streaks. Our bug guards (like an AVS Hoodflector) prevent that bug spatter, by channeling critters away from the front of your ride. They also keep small stones from chipping your paint and cracking your windshield too.

Rear Window Deflectors

All the grimes and dirt in your rear window is a problem with aerodynamics. Solve it with great looking Rear Window Deflectors! Rear Window Deflectors are your back window’s shield against all these filthy things, maintaining rear visibility and cleaner look. It keeps air-borne grime, pollen, and other debris from settling into your rear window, by altering the direction of the air coming to your vehicle.

All these protection is wrapped in style, because our rear window deflectors are available in different finishes for the custom look. Our AVS Sunflector Rear Window Visors will perfectly match your side window deflectors for the complete style upgrade.

Sunroof Deflectors

Having a sunroof is awesome. It lets you have the open-air benefits of a convertible, with a sun-blocking, winter-proof hardtop. But having your sunroof open while you’re going down the road can be disastrous to your hair. And having a conversation can be difficult as well.

The problem has to do with the air rushing over the top of the vehicle. An open sunroof gives that turbulent air someplace to fall into, creating the whistling, howling, and choppy air inside the cabin. A sunroof deflector (like a AVS Windflector Sunroof Deflector) makes that air flow over the sunroof, giving you peace and quiet inside. Sunroof deflectors are a simple way to make a big difference in the enjoyment of your ride.

Vent Visors & Window Deflectors

Have you ever rolled down the window when it’s raining, only to be smacked in the face by cold water? Or, have you ever driven with your windows down, and experienced the wind fluttering in your face and ears? Well, a window deflector can eliminate all of that.

Our window deflectors (like Putco Element Window Visors) and vent visors cover the leading edge of your side windows, causing the air and water to rush around them. Leaving you with a dry, turbulent-free open window. Window deflectors are easy to install, and they make a huge difference. Plus, all of our window deflectors & vent visors ship for Free, so this is an easy modification that you can’t afford not to make.

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