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Wiring harnesses, sensors, cut controllers, timers, are perhaps the most important of all your vehicle’s electronic systems. Although often unnoticed, they keep your engine working at its best. Vehicle electronics keep an eye on some engine paramaters and keep them within required ranges.

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Skunk2 Billet VTEC Solenoid
From : $40.00
Free Shipping
Skunk2 ECU Conversion Harness
From : $157.05
Free Shipping
BBK Throttle Position Sensors
From : $42.67
Free Shipping
APEXi SMART Accel Controller
From : $270.98
Free Shipping
APEXi ECU Straight Harness
From : $150.34
Free Shipping
BLOX Racing Throttle Position Sensors
From : $45.38
Free Shipping
NTK Oxygen Sensors
From : $34.32
Free Shipping
AEM ECU Patch Harnesses
From : $131.90
Free Shipping
MSD Crank Trigger Sensor
From : $86.27
Free Shipping
MAP Sensors
From : $70.10
Free Shipping
Defi Gauge Sensors
From : $17.06
Free Shipping
APEXi Turbo Timer
From : $128.38
Free Shipping
of 16 Products

Our vehicle electronic parts are made to be better than OE, in terms of quality and reliability. You wouldn’t want cheap replacement oxygen sensors or wiring harnesses right? They might get your precious engine into trouble. Think about buying great quality electronics as an investment, they provide longer and reliable service.

Data Loggers

A automotive data logger is like the black box on an airplane. It records data like shock travel, vehicle speed, and data from virtually all the vehicle sensors. You can then download this data, and make any necessary adjustments to your ride. This is especially useful on “track days”, where you can use the information to set the car up for a specific track.

Fuel Cut Controllers

If you want to dial-up the turbo boost, without killing your engine, then you’re going to need a good fuel cut controller (like a Turbosmart Electronic Fuel Cut Controllers. These allow you to adjust the factory shut-down settings for the fuel injection system, so you can turn up the boost, and keep going.


When installing a new engine management system, or power programmer, you might have the need for additional wiring harnesses, or wire kits. But don’t worry, you can find them right here.


When you’re building a serious performance machine, you need to keep a watchful eye on all the vital engine systems. Luckily, we carry a large selection of sensors that will help you do just that.

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