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Engine Management

Nowadays, everything revolves around computers. And if you want to get the most performance from your late model ride, you need a good engine management system.

We have a wide range of Engine Management Systems (EMS), and engine electronics. From simple temperature sensors, to state-of-the-art power programmers, youíll find it all in Car Part Paradise.

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SCT X3 Power Flash Ford Programmer
From : $379.00
Free Shipping
SCT SF3 Power Flash Programmer
From : $379.00
Free Shipping
SCT iTSX Wireless OBD-II Interface
From : $469.00
Free Shipping
SCT Economizer Programmer
From : $299.00
Free Shipping
COBB Tuning AccessPORT
From : $14.72
Free Shipping
APEXi Power FC Management Unit
From : $866.68
Free Shipping
Hypertech ThermoMaster Computer Chips
From : $135.68
Free Shipping
Hypertech Street Runner Power Chips
From : $127.83
Free Shipping
Hypertech Power Programmer III
From : $345.83
Free Shipping
Hypertech Speedometer Calibrator
From : $175.68
Free Shipping
Hypertech HyperPAC
From : $515.97
Free Shipping
of 50 Products

When cars were first built, they were crude machines. The engines were huge, and inefficient. The frames were usually made from wood. And they were made to drive down rutted dirt roads, so there wasnít much in the way of handling.

Fast forward nearly a century, and cars are more sophisticated than a wine tasting at a foreign film festival. Thereís power everything, so you donít break a sweat. Voice-activated navigation, to help you find your way. And the engines are powerful, efficient, and infinitely adjustable.

Modern technology is scary to be sure. But it helps to make a better car. And now you can make your better car...even better with engine electronics from Car Part Paradise. You can control everything from spark timing, to transmission shift points. Two things that used to take a team of mechanics hours to do.


If you want to take your ride to the next level, youíre going to need a power programmer. But you may need a few accessories like mounts & cables to make it all work right. Fortunately, you can find all that stuff right here.

Engine Management Systems

If youíre serious about going fast, then youíre going to love our selection of engine management systems. You can get plug & play engine management systems that use your existing OBDII port (like an AEM Series 2), to control every aspect of your engine. Or if youíre into full-out racing / building custom cars, you can get engine management systems with a dedicated wiring harness (like an AEM EMS-4), and an unbelievable array of customizable engine settings.

Performance Monitors

When youíre running your engine to its fullest potential, itís important to keep an eye on whatís going on. To do this, we recommend a good performance monitor, like the Edge Insight . You get a readout of all the vital engine functions like RPMís, oil temperature, fuel rail pressure (on diesel engines) and so on. But you can also do fun stuff like record 0-60 times, and read error codes. Well, maybe the last one isnít so fun, but, it is handy.

Pillar Mounts & Dash Pods

If you want your slick performance monitor to look like it came from the factory, then check out our pillar mounts & dash pods. They allow you to integrate your performance monitor into the pillar or dash, giving you an instant engine readout in a cool looking package.

Power Programmers & Performance Tuners

Power programmers and performance tuners plug into your engine control unit (ECU), and tell it to make the engine run at its optimum performance settings. Similar to an old performance chip, a performance tuner inputs new code to the vehicleís computer, allowing it to produce significantly more horsepower. And thanks to modern technology, you can do a whole lot more with it too.

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