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The exhaust system is one of the most important parts of a vehicle. It helps to create power, and the exhaust note sets the tone for your performance machine. Car Part Paradise carries a huge selection of exhaust parts, at factory-direct prices. So whether you need performance headers, to racing mufflers, we’ve got you covered.

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Spec-D Test Pipes
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Spec-D Down Pipes
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Megan Racing Exhaust Manifold
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Drop Engineering Exhaust Systems
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Cusco Turbo Manifold
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Cusco Exhaust Hanger Bushings
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Turbo XS Race-Pipes
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Turbo XS Mid-Pipes
From : $126.39
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Turbo XS High Flow Cat-Pipes
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Turbo XS Exhaust Gaskets
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of 204 Products

An internal combustion engine is like a furnace, it burns fuel to create energy. And naturally, it creates exhaust gases which must be evacuated. So the better the exhaust system, the more power the engine can create.

Car Part Paradise carries an entire range of exhaust parts, designed to help you get the most out of your engine. We have hi-flow catalytic converters, performance headers, racing mufflers, entire performance exhaust systems, and a whole lot more. If you’re serious about performance, then you’re in Car Part Paradise.

Catalytic Converters

A catalytic converter is designed to filter harmful gasses from your exhaust. But it requires the engine to work a tiny bit harder to get the exhaust through the exhaust pipes. Fortunately, we have a large selection of hi-flow catalytic converters (like the Megan Racing Hi Flow Catalytic Converter) that are designed to help you increase your horsepower, while remaining street-legal.

Crossover Pipes and Downpipes

If you want to eliminate your catalytic converter (not street legal) without throwing off your engine control unit (ECU), then check out our selection of crossover pipes & downpipes. They mount in place of your catalytic converter, and they have a port for your O2 sensor. So you can get a horsepower boost, without lunching your car’s electronics.

Diesel Exhaust Systems

Gas and diesel engines are very different. But they both need a good performance exhaust system, if you want to maximize the horsepower, torque, and fuel economy. Luckily, Car Part Paradise has diesel exhaust systems at fantastic prices. Plus they ship for Free too!

Exhaust Accessories

Whether you need exhaust clamps, exhaust hangers, or a diesel smoke stack, Car Part Paradise has you covered. Just click here to find the exhaust parts that you need.

Exhaust Gaskets

Good quality Exhaust gaskets ensure leak-free operation in your exhaust manifold. carpartparadise’s Exhaust Gaskets are heavy-duty built to withstand temperatures that won’t compromise sealing. Try our best selling BBK Premium Header Gaskets to know what we’re taking about!

Flex Pipes

Years ago, resonators were lined with asbestos. They filled in gaps within the exhaust system, and helped to mellow the exhaust note. Today, resonators are often referred to as exhaust flex pipes, and they no longer contain asbestos. But they still come in handy when you’re designing a custom exhaust system. So if you want to fill in an exhaust system gap, or mellow out the sound of your ride, check out our line of flex pipes. They’ll have you sounding cool, without failing the emissions test.

Muffler Tips

Although a performance muffler can make your ride sound like a race car, it’s not going to make it look like one. That’s why you need a muffler tip from Car Part Paradise. We have simple chrome exhaust tips, to custom billet exhaust tips (like AMI Exhaust Tips). And our prices can’t be beat.


If you want to get the most out of your engine, then check out our selection of racing mufflers & performance mufflers. They’re designed to reduce exhaust restriction, which increases horsepower. Plus they can make your BoreMobile sound like a Wow GT!

Performance Exhaust Systems

If you want rumble & horsepower, then you’re in the right place. Car Part Paradise has performance exhaust systems from Borla, Injen, Megan Racing, XTune and a whole lot more.

Plus, we’re authorized dealers for all these brands, so you can get factory-direct pricing and a factory warranty.

Performance Headers

Performance headers are bolted to the side of your engine, where the exhaust comes out. Headers attach to each individual cylinder’ exhaust port, allowing unobstructed exhaust flow, which results in a lot more horsepower. And we have a selection of performance headers to match any budget!


When suddenly, your exhaust sound becomes ear-splitting exhaust noise, our Spec-D Tuning silencers are here for the rescue! Our silencers are custom-crafted for your specific muffler for the tight and secured fit.


When it comes to good looking and high-quality tail pipes, trust us to deliver…for free! Made from mandrel bent aluminized stainless steel, there is nothing better than our Flowmaster Tail pipes!

Test Pipes

Similar to a crossover pipe, or a down pipe, a test pipe allows you to remove the catalytic converter, without sacrificing the oxygen sensor. Granted, this is illegal for street use, but a test pipe can make a track car a heck of a lot faster.

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