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Performance Exhaust Systems

Bring on more power that everyone can hear with a performance exhaust system! Carpartparadise is fully stocked from headers to catalytic converters, all the way down to polished exhaust tips, or if you want a fully-packed exhaust system kit, we have them too! We’ll give you three reasons why you should swap your stock kit with our high-performance exhaust systems – massive horsepower and torque gains, improved fuel economy, and the deep, throaty exhaust tone that all enthusiasts love to hear. Enough with the average, gas-guzzling, and ear-deafening performance of your stock exhaust system and say hello to the powerful, growling beast under your hood, dollar fuel savings, and street commanding exhaust tone with the high-performance exhaust systems from carpartparadise

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Drop Engineering Exhaust Systems
From : $282.64
Free Shipping
Turbo XS Exhausts
From : $51.92
Free Shipping
COBB Tuning CatBack Exhaust
From : $670.80
Free Shipping
COBB Tuning Turbo Back Exhaust
From : $1,190.00
Free Shipping
COBB Tuning Stage-2 Power Package
From : $1,685.60
Free Shipping
Perrin Exhaust Systems
From : $513.40
Free Shipping
Skunk2 MegaPower RR Exhaust System
From : $485.17
Free Shipping
Skunk2 MegaPower R Exhaust System
From : $569.21
Free Shipping
Skunk2 MegaPower Exhaust System
From : $508.18
Free Shipping
Flowmaster Outlaw Series Exhaust System
From : $517.78
Free Shipping
Flowmaster Hushpower Exhaust System
From : $410.09
Free Shipping
of 48 Products

Complete burning of the air-fuel mixture doesn’t happen completely inside your engine’s combustion chambers. What’s left is the harmful by-product called exhaust gases. These toxic fumes are harmful to the environment and of course to human health, but it can’t stay inside your vehicle because it can damage your engine too. An exhaust system is a series of pipes in varying lengths and shapes, muffler, exhaust manifold, and the catalytic converter usually made of aluminum or stainless steel. All these metal parts work together to eliminate the toxic fumes in its less toxic form, allow your engine to breathe more, while generating a deep, growling sound that signifies the monstrous ponies from under your hood.

Compared to stock exhaust systems, high-performance exhaust systems feature mandrel bent tubing with larger diameter and smooth bends for maximum, unrestricted air flow. The harmful exhaust gases composed of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, and hydrocarbons then passes to the catalytic converter where they are being converted to its less-harmful forms. The exhaust gas then goes to the muffler for another layer of filtering to remove chemicals harmful to human lungs and the environment. The muffler also performs another important job - protect your ears from the nerve-wracking and ear-splitting sound produced by your engine. Mufflers are designed with a series of chambers to channel exhaust flow, causing the sound waves to bounce into each other to turn down your exhaust tone a few notches. Then the tailpipe running from your muffler to the rear of your vehicle makes the final tunnel for the exhaust gases out of your vehicle. At the end of the tail pipe is a round, square or oval chrome tip that serves as the final exit of exhaust gases into the air. Exhaust tips also add a brilliant accent to your vehicle’s rear section.

From Diesel exhaust systems to Performance Exhaust Systems, Single or Dual Cat-Back, axle-back, or header-back, we have the right exhaust system for your application! We carry the top brands in the industry including AEM, aFe, APEXi, Borla, DC Sports, Flowmaster, Injen, Invidia, M2 Performance, Magnaflow, MBRP, and a whole lot more! Plus, we’ll ship them to you free of charge!

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