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Fuel System

On any vehicle, the two most important systems are spark & fuel. If you increase the fuel part, youíll get more horsepower. So let Car Part Paradise help you get more ponies from your ride with upgraded fuel system components. We have fuel computers, fuel pressure regulators, and throttle body parts thatíll take your ride from ho-hum, to holy crap!!

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Injector Dynamics ID850 Injectors
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Injector Dynamics ID725 Injectors
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Injector Dynamics ID2000 Injectors
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Injector Dynamics ID1000 Injectors
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Injector Dynamics Adapters
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Aeromotive Stealth Kits
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Aeromotive Fuel Rails
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Aeromotive Bolt-On Fuel Pressure Regulator
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Aeromotive Fuel Fittings
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Aeromotive Digital FMU System For Mustangs
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Aeromotive Complete Fuel Systems
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B&M CommandFlo Fuel Pressure Modifiers
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of 46 Products

Internal combustion engines work like this; Fuel gets fed into the cylinder through the fuel injectors, then the coil fires the spark plug, igniting the fuel inside the cylinder. This explosion forces the cylinder down, turning the crankshaft, sending power to the wheels.

If you optimize the fuel flow, youíre going to increase the horsepower. But todayís fuel injection systems are controlled by computers, so you need precision adjustments in order to get the most out of the system. Our fuel computers are designed to allow precise adjustment of the fuel injectors, for significantly increased horsepower.

A fuel controller is ideal for those wishing to build a serious performance engine. But we also have many other fuel system parts, which will help you get the most out of any engine.

Fuel Computers

A fuel controller (like AEM Peak & Hold Fuel Injector Drivers) is designed to allow you to adjust your individual fuel injectors, so you can dial in the performance. This is the preferred method of fuel system control for racing drivers, because it gives you control where you need it.

If you drive a modified road car, we have fuel injection computers like the AEM Fuel / Ignition Controller which allows you to accurately compensate for engine modifications like turbochargers & superchargers.

Fuel Filters

Surely, engine disasters from filthy fuel are far from fun. Feed your baby with dirt-free fuel to keep it strong and powerful with our fuel filters. We'll give you the best fuel filters like our aFe Pro Guard D2 Fuel Filter and the best deals you could possibly find!

Fuel Injectors

We have the best replacement for your already failing fuel injector. A properly functioning fuel injector is one of those parts that keep your engine running at its best. Maximum fuel efficiency plus more engine power, that’s the formula for our Accel Fuel Injectors!

Fuel Management Units

If you’ve been blessed with fuel injected, turbocharged engine, you need something better than fuel injectors in delivering more fuel to your high-powered rig. Our Fuel Management Units are from trusted brands like Blox Racing Fuel Management Units!

Fuel Pressure Regulators

In case you didnít know, a fuel pressure regulator is responsible for regulating the fuel pressure between the fuel pump and the fuel rail. If youíve upgraded to a hi-volume fuel pump, youíre going to need to upgrade your fuel pressure regulator, in order to keep up with the higher fuel pressure. We have several types of fuel pressure regulators, and some are designed for engines up to 1,000-horsepower. At Car Part Paradise, we donít mess around.

Fuel Pumps

Tired of looking for high-flow fuel pumps? Enter your year, make, and model to our vehicle search box and weíll give you just what your heart desires. Our high-flow fuel pumps will fit just the same but will outperform your stock fuel pump.

Fuel Rails

Made to work in conjunction with our adjustable fuel pressure regulators (like an AEM Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator), a performance fuel rail can stand up to increased fuel pressure, delivering a shot of power right to the cylinders. If you’re building a high performance engine, you’ve got to check out our performance fuel rails.

Methanol Injection Kits

Designed for turbocharged & supercharged engines, water/methanol injection kits reduce the inlet air temperature, and increase detonation resistance, creating more boost. The methanol injection system injects an atomized mist of methanol & water into to the intake. As the mixture turns into a vapor, it absorbs the heat around it, causing the air to become denser before itís injected into the cylinder. This cooler air is much more combustible, allowing the engine to make significantly more horsepower. We carry entire methanol injection kits, so you can get everything that you need in one spot.

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