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Today, most car and truck grilles are made from good ole’ plastic. Partly to save weight, for the sake of fuel economy. And partly because the crumple zone safety system doesn’t require any extra rigidity on the front end. But what if you have to travel down roads that are “less than perfect”? Or worse, you’re traveling through the asphalt jungle, and you discover that your Runabout LE looks like everything else on the road? Well, that’s where a custom grille comes in...

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APS Symbolic Grilles
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APS X-Mesh Grilles
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APS Sheet Grilles
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APS Riveted Grilles
From : $160.75
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APS Mesh Grilles
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APS Tubular Grilles
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APS Stainless Steel Billet Grilles
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APS Perimeter Grilles
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APS Aluminum Billet Grilles
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DefenderWorx Billet Grilles
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Putco Bumper Valance Grille Inserts
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SES Trims Sport Grilles
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of 66 Products

Custom billet grilles, and stainless mesh grilles are made from metal, not plastic. So they can withstand rocks, small trees, and other large road debris that you may encounter. They also stand up to body flex without cracking in two pieces...which is particularly useful if you do a lot of off roading.

Custom grilles are designed to make any vehicle look like a million bucks, while also improving cooling ability, and durability. Plus, they can streamline the front end, making your ride look custom and clean.

Bar Billet Grilles

These are made from a sold chunk, or “billet” of aluminum. These hunks of metal are machined down to the desired design, like a mesh billet grill, or a bar billet grille, then they’re polished to a mirror finish like the QAA Chrome Billet Grille, or powder coated like the T-Rex X-Metal grille.

A billet bar grille has horizontal or vertical bars, made from billet aluminum. These gained popularity in the 80’s, and some, like the T-Rex Billet Phantom Grille, cover the entire front of the vehicle, headlights and all. If you want a truly custom look, this is the way to go.

Of course, if your don’t want to go full-out custom, you can get a classic billet bar grille like an SES Trims bar billet grille. These replace just your factory grille, and add a clean, sophisticated look. Plus, they’re pretty simple to install too.

Billet Bumper Grilles

This type of custom grille is designed to mount in your lower valance, usually around the fog lights. In most cases, the factory bumper grille is made from plastic, and it’s not designed for maximum airflow. Our bumper grille inserts are designed to match your billet grille, and they provide the same increased airflow properties as a custom billet grille.

Custom Grilles

We carry several varieties of custom grilles including Carbon Fiber Grilles, custom hood grilles, and the mild-to-wild line of T-Rex custom grilles.

These custom grilles can replace your OEM car grill, or truck grille entirely. Or they can bolt over your existing grill, with minimal effort. Each custom grill from Car Part Paradise comes with installation instructions, and all of the mounting hardware that you’ll need. Some billet grilles & mesh grilles require you to remove the OE grille entirely, mounting the new custom grille in its place. While others simply bolt over your existing grille.

Regardless of which style you choose, a custom grille is much stronger than factory grill. So if you’re out there on a woodland trail, the odd tree limb, or rock isn’t going to bash it to pieces. And, custom grilles stand up to deer a lot better too.

Value - While there are many websites that sell custom billet grilles at super-cheap prices, are they Authorized Dealers? Do they charge huge shipping fees?

Car Part Paradise is an authorized dealer for every brand of car accessories that you’ll find on our site. This means, you’ll get the complete factory warranty & tech support on every car part that we sell. Plus, we don’t charge shipping on most items. So you’re going to save even more money on that new custom grille.

Mesh Grilles

A billet mesh grille (like the Putco Mesh Billet Grille) is also made from a solid chunk of aluminum, and they’re typically much lighter than a similar stainless mesh grille. These will give your ride that old-school look, while improving airflow to your radiator. You can also add matching Billet Bumper Grilles to tie the look together, giving you that expensive, custom look.

Specialty Billet Grilles

Stand out from the crowd in wild style with one of our Specialty Billet Grilles! Made from attractive stainless steel, these metal accents will keep your vehicle in-style for years. Choose from various designs that will bring out your vehicle’s wild side for the added street presence. You can also enjoy its hassle-free installation that you don't have to do any of those drilling and modifications. Our Bully Stainless Steel Grille Insert will take your style to the highest level.

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