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Ignition System

To understand an ignition system, think of it like this; A light bulb needs power in order to produce light, right? If your electricity is on the fritz, the filament in your light bulbs will either get really dim, or really bright. And thatís pretty much how spark plugs work.

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of 95 Products

A spark plug draws current from the ignition coil, through the spark plug wires. It then sends a spark into the cylinder, igniting the compressed mixture of gas & oxygen. So the stronger the spark, the more completely the fuel mixture will be burned, creating more power.

If you want to increase both the power and efficiency of your engine, we have the ignition parts to help you do just that.


A distributor is a spark routing device that directs current to the spark plug thatís about to fire. We have performance distributors that are designed to deliver a stronger spark, and we even have coil-on-plug conversion kits too (AEM Coil-on-Plug Conversion Kit).


Having the right distributor means more powerful spark and accurate timing for high-rpm performance, anywhere, anytime. We have the most powerful distributors like Accel distributors and distributor components like Accel Distributor Caps & Rotor Kits in stock! 

Ignition Accessories

From ignition equalizers (like the Weapon-R Ignition Equalizer), to spark booster systems (like the Okada Project Plasma Booster Ignition Systems), we’ve got a ton of ignition accessories that’ll “spark” a few performance ideas.

Ignition Coils

The ignition coil is what sends the electricity to your light bulb (or spark plug, in case you missed the analogy above), and we’ve got some high-output ignition coils (like AEM High Output Ignition Coils) that’ll send more power to your plugs, so you can get more power from your ride.

Ignition Equalizers

These bad boys mount ahead of the ignition coil, and amplify the amount of spark being sent to the coil pack, on coil-over ignition systems. An ignition equalizer is a simple way to draw more horsepower from your engine.

Ignition Modules

Have you ignition system working great with our ignition modules! Our Accel Ignition Control Modules are the best replacements for your malfunctioning ignition module, and it ships for free too.

Ignition Systems

When you tell the car’s computer to create more spark, it’s going to create more horsepower as a result. We have complete performance ignition systems (like the Okada Projects Plasma Quad Pac Ignition System) that come with everything from the hi output ignition coils, to the ignition controller. That way, you can ditch the OEM ignition system, and get the most out of your engine.

Ignition Tune Up Kits

Super-tune your ride with our complete and all-powerful Ignition Tune Up Kits! On top our list is the Accel Ignition Tune Up Kits that include a custom-fit wire set, spark plugs, and distributor caps and rotors.

Spark Plug Wires

Just like an extension cord, the better your spark plug wires are, the more power they can transmit. So if you’re going to update your ride’s ignition system, make sure that your spark plug wires can deliver the extra amperage. Fortunately, we have performance spark plug wires (like Nology Hot Wires) that can deliver the extra power that our performance ignition systems produce.

Spark Plugs

If you’ve updated your ignition system, then running an OEM spark plug would be like running a 15 watt light bulb. So break out the 150 watt flood lights, and step up to our Nology Silver Spark Plugs. They conduct considerably more spark than an OEM spark plug, and they’ll last a lot longer too.

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