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Internal Engine Parts

If you just want to tuneup your runabout, then you might want to pop down to your local parts house. But if you’re turning your ride into a serious road rocket, then you’re in Car Part Paradise! We’ve got racing-grade engine parts, at store brand prices. And they all ship for Free too!

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Fidanza Cam Gears
From : $118.00
Free Shipping
Kelford Valve Spring Kits
From : $255.95
Free Shipping
Kelford Race Cams
From : $233.42
Free Shipping
Wiseco Piston Pins & Locks
From : $15.95
Free Shipping
Wiseco Professional Series Pistons
From : $20.37
Free Shipping
Wiseco Pro Tru Series Pistons
From : $81.09
Free Shipping
Wiseco Piston Rings
From : $22.83
Free Shipping
Brian Crower Block Sleeves
From : $453.39
Free Shipping
Brian Crower Shelf Pistons
From : $625.08
Free Shipping
Brian Crower Custom Pistons
From : $691.32
Free Shipping
Brian Crower Head Gaskets
From : $143.25
Free Shipping
of 49 Products

When building a performance engine, you’ve got to remember; lightness is key. The more weight you remove, the more power the engine will make. So put your engine on a diet with our lightweight aluminum pulleys and cam gears. We even have aluminum catch tanks too.

Block Guards

Having high-quality block guards prevent premature head gasket failure and all the expenses that goes along with it. Strengthen your stock sleeves with our mightily strong and reliable Blox Racing Block Guards!

Block Sleeves

Block sleeves help restore damaged cylinder walls that can’t be bored out, so they should be really durable and reliable. Our Brian Crower Block Sleeves are strong, durable, and reliable enough to get your engine block work as if it has never been damaged before.

Cam Gears

Performance cam gears (like Ralco RZ Performance Cam Gears ) are great for two reasons; the first, aluminum is lightweight, and it resists wear much better than OE cam gears. The second, performance cam gears give you more precise valve train adjustment, allowing you to squeeze more power from the engine.

Cam Seals

For the 100% leak-free seal against oil leaks? Trust our high-quality and good looking cam seals. We offer you the greatest brand selection, Skunk2 Cam Seals, Blox Racing Cam Seals, we all have it! And what’s more? We’ll deliver it for free!


You want rock-solid RPM performance? Upgrade your camshaft with one from US! Our Brian Crower Camshaft will surely deliver maximum performance, improved throttle response, increased engine vacuum for massive horsepower gains.

Connecting Rods

One of the easiest engine parts to find are Connecting Rods, but not all of them are as good as what you need them to be. Here at Carpartparadise, we don’t just sell any of the good-for-nothing rods. Our Connecting Rods always outperform the others when it comes to strength and durability at lower price tags and free shipping.


The crankshafts works like the heart pumping energy out of your engine. The more powerful your crankshaft is, the more ferocious your powerplant will be. Take out your engine’s failing heart and transplant with a new one, we’re sure Brian Crower Crankshafts will make your engine strong and healthy.

Engine Bearings

Looking for high-quality replacement engine bearings? We have the best replacement bearings that will fit like your stock but will do better and last longer.

Head Gaskets

Being the ones to seal your cylinder heads, head gaskets protect your cylinders from coolant or oil leaks. Cylinder Head Gaskets are the most important sealing component in your engine, so it must not fail. For critical parts such as this, trust carpartparadise to provide you with nothing less than the best. Our APEXi Head Gaskets are ultra-tough for the 100% leak free seal.


Your pistons are what keep your engine alive and its powerplant producer of horsepower for maximum performance. We’re here to provide you with the right pistons for your specific vehicle and engine. Our pistons will not just keep your engine alive, but also kicking with power!

Stroker Kits

Why buy separately when you can get all these engine parts in one complete and powerful package? Our Brian Crower Stroker Kit comes complete with an ultra-tough crankshaft, heavy-duty rods, powerful pistons, and durable bearings. And to save you from all the hassle, we’ll ship to you for free!

Timing Chain Tensioners

Replace your worn-out and lazy tensioners with our Timing Chain Tensioners. Our tensioners are made tough to outperform and outlast your OEM part.

Valve Cover Gaskets

Allow us to help you solve your leaking valve cover problems with our valve cover gaskets that ensure a 100% leak free seal. You also have to remember that valve cover leaks can lead to serious and expensive engine problems. So stock one our BBK valve cover gaskets now!

Valve Springs & Retainers

Our Valve Springs & Retainers are produced buy the best brands in the automotive industry so we assure you of their quality and performance. From Brian Crower Valve Springs to Skunk2 Pro Series Titanium Valve Spring Retainers, and everything in between, we have them in store for you!


Choose from our wide selection of intake and exhaust valves for maximum intake and exhaust flow in your cylinders! We have stainless steel valves by Blox Racing, Brian Crower, and Skunk2 that will deliver maximum durability and incredible performance. 

Velocity Stacks

Velocity stacks pulls in air to the throat of your carburetors with maximum flow to unleash all the ponies from your turbocharged engine. Let our Blox Racing Velocity Stacks do this job after we deliver them to you. And please, don’t mind the shipping fee, its on us.


Washers can be really small pieces of metal, but they keep big and important engine parts working at their best. Our washers come in kits complete with all these metal pieces with OEM quality and performance.

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