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License Plate Frames

No custom job is complete without a custom license plate frame. In less than 5 minutes, you can take an ordinary license plate, and turn it into a custom detail with our selection of custom license plate frames. They inexpensive, easy to install, and they even ship for Free!

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of 14 Products

Spec-D License Plate Mounts
From : $53.75
Free Shipping
Cusco License Plate Relocation Kit
From : $44.77
Free Shipping
GrimmSpeed License Plate Relocation Kit
From : $76.36
Free Shipping
GrimmSpeed Front License Plate Delete
From : $51.47
Free Shipping
COBB Tuning License Plate Delete
From : $61.92
Free Shipping
DefenderWorx Billet License Plate Frames
From : $68.59
Free Shipping
QAA License Plate Trims
From : $26.64
Free Shipping
of 14 Products

Have you ever been to an art museum and seen a Rembrandt hanging without a frame? Probably not. In fact many of the frames surrounding the world’s most important paintings are works of art themselves. So take a page from the art world and put a nice frame around your license plate.

Decorative License Plates

Decorate your vehicle’s front nose with your personal style with one of our trendy decorative license plates. Available in different colors and styles, something will definitely suit your taste for the added splashing looks. Triple plated chrome license plates like our Pilot Front License Plates will perfectly match your other chrome accessories. Carry your vehicle’s brand loud and proud, show your religious side, and anything in between with Decorative License Plates that you can only find here in Carpartsparadise!

License Plate Covers

Your license plates are of great value right? They serve as your vehicle’s personal ID and just like any other Identification Card, you don’t want it scratched, dirty, and worse, broken. License Plate Covers are great looking and perfectly snuggling protection for your license plates. Our premium line of license plate covers is made from indestructible material for the total front and back protection on the road.

License Plate Frames

License plate frames wrap around your tag, and set it off like a styling detail. We have billet aluminum license plate frames (like AMI License Plate Frames) that are made to stand out. With CNC carved styling details, and built-in LED lights, your tag will stand out like the rest of your car.

License Plate Trims

Like a fine work of art, the backdrop has to be right. So set off your license tag with our license plate trims. Made of real chrome, our custom license plate trims make the back of your ride stand out. Because that’s the idea, right?

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