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Back when the automobile was first invented (late-1880ís), the roads were designed for horses, and wagons. Which is to say, they were made from dirt, and had ruts the size of the Panama Canal. So driving your ďautocarĒ at night wasnít really a good idea.

A decade or so later, America began to embrace this new form of transportation. You didnít need to feed it, groom it, or clean up after it. And it wouldnít fart in your face on a long journey (if youíve ever been around a horse & wagon, youíll know what Iím talking about). So decent roads started to spring up, and people started using cars as their main source of transportation.

Naturally, night driving began to increase and in 1912, Cadillac was the first automaker to offer electric car headlights. Prior to this, headlights for cars were just oil lamps, hung on the corners of the car. To turn them on, you had to get out and light a match. And as you can imagine, these oil-burning auto headlights didnít give off much light.

Cadillacís electric car head lights were an amazing innovation. For the first time, you could turn on your headlights by just flipping a switch. And you could see more than 3 feet down the road too. At a time when most houses still didnít have electric lights, having electric headlights on your car was seriously cool.

It only took a couple of years before electric car headlights were the norm. But they didnít offer any visibility advantage until recently. Modern manufacturing technology has made it possible for headlight makers to produce custom headlights at an affordable price. And now you can find everything from Xenon headlights, to blue headlights & smoked headlightsÖat affordable prices.

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of 182 Products

Your headlights, tail lights, and all the lights included in your vehicle’s lighting system delivers a great deal of style, functionality, and safety. A car without lighting is totally unimaginable! Whether you want to replace your stock lights or you want to take your lighting style to the next level, you’ve come to the right place. We ship them for free, straight to your doorsteps!

Altezza Tail Lights

Altezza tail lights can make any car look like a custom show car. Unlike solid red tail lights, the Altezza tail light (like Spyder Altezza Tail Lights) uses individual light clusters, set against a black or silver background. And you can often get a clear, or smoked lens too.

Bumper & Parking Lights

Most automakers design their bumper lights and parking lights to be functional. Style isnít part of the equation. But our parking lights and bumper lights are designed to be brighter than the stock lights, and they look cool too. Click here to check them out.

Corner Lights

Want to get rid of those ugly orange corner lights? Then check out our euro-style corner lights. Unlike an OEM corner light, ours (like IPCW Corner Lights) use a clear lens and an amber bulb, for a much cleaner appearance.

Driving Lights

Unlike fog lights, driving lights are designed to shine far down the road, so you can see whatís coming up. If you do a lot of night driving, a good set of driving lights (like Winjet Driving Lights) is a worthwhile investment.

Fog Lights

Fog lights are designed to shine under the fog, so you can see the road immediately in front of you. If your ride didnít come with fog lights from the factory, you might want to consider upgrading. We have fog lights (like Depo Fog Lights) in a variety of styles, and shipping is always Free.


Headlights are obviously important, but why not upgrade to something that looks cool too? We have a huge selection including OE headlights, Euro headlights, projector headlights, R8 headlights, and a whole lot more. Have a look at our headlight catalog, youíll surely find something to Ďbrightení your day.


HID headlights (High Intensity Discharge) are much brighter than OEM headlights, and they have a much cleaner light too. By upgrading to Xenon Headlights, youíll be able to see farther down the road, and your ride will look fantastic too.

LED Lights

LED lights are much brighter than conventional lights, and they consume much less energy too. We have a large selection of LED lights, from LED dome lights, to LED truck lights. So youíll be able to upgrade your ride, without spending a lot of dough.

LED Tail Lights

Tail lights are designed to keep you safe by alerting other drivers to your intentions. But they donít have to look ordinary. Our LED tail lights (like APC LED Tail Lights) are much brighter than stock tail lights, and they look pretty cool too!

Light Bars

Add an LED lighting detail to your ride with our selection of light bars.

Light Bulbs

Whether you need headlight bulbs, tail light bulbs, Xenon bulbs, LED bulbs, halogen bulbs, or dome light bulbs, youíll find them right here in Car Part Paradise.

Light Covers

Give your ride that blacked-out look with a set of our headlight covers or tail light covers. They mount right over your lights, and they allow full illumination when you hit the brakes, or turn the headlights on. Rock it old-school, with light covers from Car Part Paradise.

Light Guards

Keep your car lights & truck lights shinning bright with our selection of light guards.

Lighting Accessories & Wiring

Youíve got to have the right parts, if youíre going to do a successful installation. Thatís why we stock things like wiring harnesses, HID ballast, anti-flicker capacitors, and complete installation kits. If youíre installing new automotive lighting, youíll find everything you need, right here.

Off-Road Lights

If youíre far from the beaten path, youíve got to have reliable lights. Our selection of off road lights will help you blaze a trail. And you wonít have to worry about damaging your off-road lights, because theyíre made to heavy-duty specifications, and many have built-in light guards too.

Roof Mounted Lights

Whether you want spot lights, driving lights, or marker lights, weíve got the roof mounted lights that youíre looking for. Plus, all of our roof lights ship for Free too!

Side Markers

If you need to replace your side marker lights, youíll find them right here.

Tailgate Light Bars

An tailgate light bar is designed to sit below the tailgate of your truck, and it lights up when you hit the brakes, flip your turn signal, or turn on the headlights. Tailgate light bars add a unique touch, and they make your truck more visible at night. We have several different styles of tailgate light bars, and they all ship for Free.

Third Brake Light

The third brake light is a requirement, but it doesnít have to be dull. We have LED third brake lights which will transform the look of your ride, while increasing the safety factor.

Under Car Lights

Want to give your ride that show car look? Then check out our selection of underbody lights by clicking here..

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