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Altezza Tail Lights

Tired of your car’s not so exciting look (courtesy of your dull tail light assembly!)? Get the same million-dollar style of European cars and turn heads every time you blast by with flashy Altezza tail lights. Made to replace your rather boring stock lights, installing a set of Altezza lights will add a dashing continental style to your gear. More than its head-turning appeal, these custom tail lights delivers excellent performance in safety and night visibility. Here at Carpartparadise, all Altezza Euro tail lights are custom designed to fit your vehicle like OE plus the distinctive and exotic appeal for the modification of your life.

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Anzo USA Euro Altezza Tail Lights
From : $53.68
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IPCW Altezza Tail Lights
From : $35.68
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APC Altezza Tail Lights
From : $45.43
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Spyder Altezza Tail Lights
From : $82.00
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Spec D Altezza Tail Lights
From : $49.25
Free Shipping
Sonar Altezza Tail Lights
From : $57.81
Free Shipping
JunYan Altezza Tail Lights
From : $56.60
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Eagle Eyes Altezza Tail Lights
From : $56.60
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Depo Altezza Tail Lights
From : $97.30
Free Shipping
WinJet Altezza Tail Lights
From : $42.27
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CG Altezza Tail Lights
From : $29.79
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Showing 11 Products

Altezza (al-TEEZ-uh) tail lights are also known as Euro tail lights, but ironically, these luminous modifications did not originate in Europe. They were first built in Japan 19 years ago, when Japanese automaker Toyota installed the first ever Altezza tail lights to their 1993 Toyota Supra. These very stylish aftermarket tail lights made it big because of its unique and never-before-seen charisma to car aficionados. Altezza tail lights became really famous in Lexus models, Toyota’s luxury vehicle brand. The first ever Lexus with factory installed Altezza Euro tail light was the 1999 Lexus IS. It was first marketed in Europe, thus the nickname Euro tail lights. The same vehicle was made available to Japanese consumers under the name Toyota Altezza, thus the Altezza appellation.

From the very start, Altezza lights captured the hearts of both the European and Japanese market. And today, it’s one of the most commonly used custom tail lights by car aficionados all over the world. To ride its fame, the biggest names in aftermarket parts manufacturers started launching their own versions of this revolutionary after market tail lights, for various vehicle years, makes, and models. Altezza tail lights appealed to the car enthusiasts who weren’t contented on the mediocre functionality and dulls styling of their tail lights. These gear-heads were constantly looking for the perfect modification with the radical styling effect. The search was over with the Altezza Tail Lights.

The secret to Altezza Euro Tail Lights stardom is its innovative lamp clusters, which looks a lot better than a single lamp source especially at night. This distinctive design made vehicles look a lot better, with a trace of those flashing European cars that most enthusiasts drool over. With the stylistic effect it has on all vehicles, these aftermarket tail lights became irresistible and turned out to be one fashion statement in auto body styling. Altezza Euro Tail Lights are now available in different styles to provide customer satisfaction in style, safety, and visibility. Smoked tail lights, Clear tail lights, Red tail lights, all of these Altezza Tail Lights variations are helps car owners personalize their ride with their individual style.

Here at Carpartparadise, we believe that you are what you drive. Allow us to help you find the Altezza tail lights that will transform your vehicle from dull to amazing. Our selection of Euro Altezza tail lights are from the biggest and most trusted after market tail lights brands to ensure 100% authenticity. Only the genuine Altezza tail lights have its signature bright LED clusters designed with silver or black backdrop that transform even the most ordinary cars to extraordinary. Give your car the fearless and exciting style of IPCW Tail Lights, APC Altezza Tail Lights, Spyder Altezza Tail Lights, Eagles Eyes Altezza Tail Lights, and a whole bunch more. If you thought Altezza Tail Lights are for European cars and concept cars alone, carpartparadise made them available for you too. Ditch your cheap tail lights and start turning heads every time you’re on the streets.

Carpartparadise is your number one online shopping destination for Altezza Tail lights and tail light assembly. All out Altezza tail lights met the highest standards of quality and performance to guarantee total customer satisfaction. We have smoked tail lights, clear tail lights, and even the highest quality but cheap tail lights to choose from. If you’ve finally found the Altezza Tail Lights of your dreams, we’ll ship it to you for free!

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