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Headlights are your vehicle’s eyes, helping it see what’s ahead especially at night. Replacement headlight, custom headlight, and aftermarket headlight are among the best sellers in the automotive market because of the function and style they bring to a car. Upgrading your headlights or replacing your old ones is one of the best things that you can do to improve your car’s looks. Various headlight designs also allow the enthusiast to personalize his own car – projector headlights, halo headlights, euro headlight. All these styles bring your car into a new level of visibility and appearances, and mind you, the options are unimaginable. Whether you’re just looking for quality but cheap headlight to take you through night driving, or you are customizing your car to showcase in one fancy auto show, Carpartparadise has your perfect headlight.

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of 17 Products

You’ve probably seen a lot of headlight designs, and truly some manufacturers have been really creative about this very important part of the car. But all these styles boil down into two basic types of headlights – reflector headlights and projector headlights. Reflector headlights are the most commonly used and this headlight type has been around for a long time, tried and tested. Fortunately, we stock the best of reflector headlights like IPCW headlights, APC headlights, and a whole bunch more. The second type of headlamp is the breakthrough projector headlights. It is considered as one of the most amazing and good looking discovery in the automotive lighting technology. Projector headlamps offer bright illumination and futuristic appeal with its reflector optics that travels through a lens that focuses light into one powerful and super tight beam. Projector headlights are the most famous aftermarket headlight, the number one choice of customizers for the car-show-worthy looks. Are you one of them? CG Headlights, Depo headlights, and Spec-D Tuning headlights will surely look good on your ride!

Some headlights glow brighter than the others, and it’s because they come from different light bulbs. There’s a long list of light bulb types for headlights, but the top 3 are halogen, xenon, and led headlight. Think of halogen headlights as incandescent lights on adrenaline rush, works the same but a lot brighter. Xenon bulbs produce the brightest glow, and xenon headlights are usually very expensive and mostly used in luxury cars. Xenon headlights also bring the best styling to your vehicle’s front end. LED headlights are the most durable of all light bulbs used in replacement headlight and aftermarket headlights. Stands for Light Emitting Diode, this light source produce considerably bright glow but last longer than other light sources. A LED headlight is a perfect upgrade for your incandescent cheap headlight that has grown dimmer and dimmer after some years of use. Obviously, not all lights are the same. Carpartparadise stocks replacement headlight, euro headlight, and custom headlight with just the right glow. So if you want just a bright, or the brighter, or even brightest headlights? Get it from us!

All of our headlights are designed using the most advanced CAD technology by very famous headlight brands. Each custom headlight is guaranteed to work and look a lot better than your stock headlights, with the perfect fit. Our halo headlights will surely give your BMW a whole new lighting experience, getting you out of that long and dark highway in style and safe. Headlights are second to your brakes in providing you the safest driving experience.

Carpartparadise has made headlight shopping a lot easier for you because we only offer the best headlights in town. Quality is our number one product requirement before we sell it so we’ve narrowed our headlight options into those that will give you the best customer satisfaction possible. Light up your way with the safest and most stylish glow from APC, CG Lights, Depo, Eagle Eyes, IPCW, JunYan, Pilor, Sonar Spec D Tuning, Spyder, and Winjet!

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