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Most expensive cars come with aluminum pedals, and now you can add billet pedals to your ride. In Car Part Paradise, youíll find aluminum pedals, pedal pads, and race pedals, perfectly designed for heel-and-toe driving.

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AMI Pedal Pads
From : $64.30
Free Shipping
Putco Liquid Solid Billet Pedals
From : $57.15
Free Shipping
NRG Aluminum Sport Pedals
From : $33.75
Free Shipping
Spec D Racing Pedals
From : $26.50
Free Shipping
Showing 4 Products

While many people take their pedals for granted, your gas pedal, brake pedal, and clutch pedal are very important. And if you canít get good traction, your safety might at risk. So replace those slick pedals, or add a dash of style with replacement pedals (or pedal pads) from Car Part Paradise.

Direct-Fit Pedal Trims

Designed to replace your existing pedals, our direct fit pedal trims (like Putco Street Design Billet Pedals) bolt securely to the pedal arms. So you’ll have really cool pedals, and a factory-installed look.

Universal-Fit Pedal Trims

Now you can replace that missing pedal pad with something cool. We have aluminum pedal pads in a variety of styles, and shipping is always Free.

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