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Steering & Suspension

Your car suspension is what determines how it will handle. If you’ve got a sporty car, then the factory lowering springs will not only lower the vehicle’s center of gravity, but they’ll reduce the bodyroll in the curves. A family car, or luxury car will have much taller & softer springs. These car springs are designed to absorb bumps, and keep the occupants from feeling the road beneath them. But whatever type of ride you have, we’ve got the suspension parts to make it better.

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Eibach All-Terrain-Lift Kits
From : $610.23
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Megan Racing Roll Center Adjusters
From : $141.75
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Megan Racing Rear Toe Arms
From : $143.38
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Vogtland Electronic Lowering Systems
From : $1,639.99
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Koni Steering Stablizers
From : $105.86
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Koni Sport Suspension Kit
From : $597.12
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Koni Sport Spring Kit
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Koni STR T Series Shocks
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Koni SPX Series Shocks
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Koni Sport Series Shocks
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Koni Special Series Shocks
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of 352 Products

We have the best selection of suspension parts that will raise the bar on your ride comfort – whenever, wherever. You would surely forget the meaning of a bumpy ride and how it feels like after upgrading your vehicle’s suspension with parts from our list. Order now and experience the same maximum ride comfort on the streets, race tracks, and even rocky terrains!

Air Suspension

An air suspension kit gives you the ability to instantly adjust your ride height & damping force. Air suspension systems allow you to set the vehicle up for comfort, blistering track times, or on a truck, an air suspension will help you shoulder heavy loads with ease. We have complete air suspension kits, and air suspension parts. So you’ll be able to find whatever you need to go floating down the road.

Alignment Parts

Alignment is basically a measure of wheel angle. If your front wheels aren’t in the proper position, your vehicle could pull to one side, and eat up tires. Fortunately, we keep a good selection of wheel alignment parts in stock, and they all ship for Free!

Body Braces

When you increase a vehicle’s stiffness, it’s able to react to the road much quicker, and with less stress to the suspension parts. So if your road rocket needs a bit more backbone, we carry the highest quality strut tower braces / strut bars / strut braces / Monte Carlo bar, and other chassis braces to help you achieve the chassis stiffness that’s right for your application.

Bushings & Mounts

Suspension bushings are like joints in your suspension system. Mounted at intersecting points, suspension bushings have to compress before the say...the steering arms can move. As the bushings wear out, the suspension parts will become loose, reducing their effectiveness. Naturally, it’s important to replace worn suspension bushings, and if you’re upgrading to a performance suspension system, polyurethane suspension bushings will give you lightning-fast suspension response. And we have both OEM suspension bushings (like Roca Control Arm Bushings), and performance bushings (like Whiteline Polyurethane Bushings)!

Camber Kits

When you’ve lifted or lowered your ride, and your alignment goes out of factory specs, let our camber kits to do the job job for you. We have the widest selection of camber kits that will bring back your alignment to stock specs or near factory specs so you can enjoy the perks of a modified suspension. We carry top of the line camber kits from Skunk2, BBK, Blox Racing, NRG, Megan Racing, H&R, Spec D, Ksport, and the new addition to our line are the M2 Performance Camber Kit

Camber Plates

Carpartparadise is your number one source of the best camber plates that will correct your alignment for the perfect handling experience. We don’t just sell any camber plates. Our H&R Camber Plates are tried and tested to the highest German standards. That’s quality at its best!


A coilover suspension system is one of the most popular performance suspension upgrades. And of course, we carry the most popular brands like Eibach Coilovers, TEIN Coilovers, H&R Coilovers, Megan Racing Coilovers, Tanabe Coilovers, plus a whole bunch more.

Control Arms

Our high-performance control arms will let you experience the perfect mix of aggressive grip and agility on the streets and tracks. If you’re a serious enthusiast or an average daily driver, or even both, our set of control arms will suit you best.

End Links

End Links or Sway Bar End Links help your vehicle achieve sharper steering and improved handling. We stock the revolutionary Perrin End Links which are very effective on the road and will bring your suspension’s performance right at the top.

Handling Components

A car’s steering system is an amazing web of moving parts, each designed to do a specific task. And like a chain, your steering system is only as strong as its weakest part. So steer clear of trouble, and update your steering system now! We have race-quality control arms, tie rods, stabilizer links and a whole lot more. Check it out, we’ll even ship your steering parts to you for Free!

Lift Kits

Want to go further with your 4x4? Then check out our selection of lift kits. With a few modifications, you can turn your ride into a trail conquering machine!

Lower Arm Bars

Wanting to fine-tune your chassis for the best handling experience? Mount your suspension with Lower Arm Bars! We’ve got them, best of their class and shipping fees on us!

Lowering Springs

Back in the day, guys would lower their ride by simply cutting coils from their coil springs. The cars would be lower, but the handling would suffer. Then someone invented lowering springs, and that all changed.

Today’s lowering springs not only reduce the ride height, but they also improve handling. So you can have a car that drives as good as it looks. And with Free Shipping on all lowering springs, the price will be as low as your car!

Shocks & Struts

One of the hardest working suspension parts is the shock absorber / strut. It reacts with the car springs to ‘dampen’ (hence the name Dampers) the effects of the wheel movement. Installing performance shocks or performance struts will sharpen the suspension response, improving handling tremendously. We have a huge selection of shocks & struts from some of the best names in the business. From simple OEM shocks (like the KYB GR-2), to adjustable coilovers (like the Eibach Multi-Pro Coilover), you’ll find exactly what you need in Car Part Paradise.

Strut Mounts

Eliminate the clunking noises and annoying vibrations from your worn out strut mounts! We have stronger and longer-lasting strut mounts for your specific strut. You’ll have your suspension working at its best again in no time.

Strut Tower Bars

A strut tower bar is designed to improve chassis stiffness by transferring force/flex from one side of the chassis to the other. This reduces body flex, and improves handling. Strut tower bars are fairly simple to install, and we have a large selection of them.

Suspension Components

Missing some suspension parts? Like some shackles, hangers, or torsion keys perhaps? Consider the search over. All you have to do is enter your vehicle year, make, model, in our vehicle search box and all of them will appear right before your eyes, and they ship for free.

Suspension Kits

Getting a complete suspension kit means giving your suspension system a total overall for a brand new level of awesome performance. They sure will reduce body roll and deliver improved straight line performance. Carpartparadise carries complete suspension systems from the biggest and reputable brands in the suspension line, Eibach, ST Suspensions, H&R, and a whole lot more.

Sway Bars

Custom-designed sway bars help your vehicle achieve faster and smoother cornering. Shop sway bars from the most reliable brands like Eibach, Perrin, Blox Racing, ST Suspensions, Tanabe, Megan Racing, H&R, and Whiteline. Rear or front, domestic or foreign makes, we’ve got the sway bars that will fit your year, make, and model.

Tie Rods

A tie rod is responsible for linking the steering mechanism to the wheel. Needless to say, it’s a very important piece. So if you’re experiencing difficulty steering, or your alignment keeps going out, new tie rods might help. Fortunately, we carry a bunch of them.

Toe Kits

The right toe kits provide easier and accurate toe adjustments. From the most trusted manufacturers of suspension products, carpartparadise brings you great quality toe adjuster kits that will give your suspension performance the ultimate boost!

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