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Trailer Hitches

If you want to tow a trailer, then you’ve got to have a trailer hitch. But you might need other hitch accessories, which is where we come in. Car Part Paradise carries everything from brake controllers and hitch balls, to trailer hitch extenders and hitch covers. And of course, all of our trailer hitch accessories ship for Free!

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APS Class 3 Hitch Receivers
From : $63.00
Free Shipping
APS Class 2 Hitch Receivers
From : $111.00
Free Shipping
APS Class 1 Hitch Receivers
From : $75.00
Free Shipping
DefenderWorx Hitch Steps
From : $124.38
Free Shipping
AMI Hummer Logo Hitch Covers
From : $50.18
Free Shipping
DefenderWorx Hitch Covers
From : $40.71
Free Shipping
DefenderWorx Hitch Receiver Lock
From : $29.02
Free Shipping
DefenderWorx Fold Down Hitch Steps
From : $124.38
Free Shipping
Lund Hitch Step
From : $38.52
Free Shipping
AMI Hitch Covers
From : $24.30
Free Shipping
Showing 10 Products

Trailer hitches can make any vehicle more useful. You can pull your boat to the lake, take the horses to the woods, or you can hook up to your neighbor’s utility trailer, and go mow your mother in-law’s grass. But whatever you plan to do, let Car Part Paradise hook up your ride with the latest hitch accessories.

In our digital catalog, you’ll find practical things like trailer hitch extenders , and hitch ball mounts . But you’ll also find fun stuff like whimsical hitch covers, and cool stuff like trailer hitch steps . Plus in Car Part Paradise, all of our trailer hitch accessories ship for Free!

Brake Controller

Trailer brake controllers are designed to keep your load under control. For example, the Bully Digital Brake Controller can apply your trailer brakes in a gradual fashion, preventing wheel lockup under hard braking. But whatever brake controller you choose, we’ll ship it to you for Free.

Hitch Accessories

Whether you need trailer hitch wiring, or a hitch light, you’ll find it right here in Trailer Hitch Accessories.

Hitch Balls & Ball Mounts

A hitch ball is important to towing safety. A rusted, or wrong-size hitch ball can cause your trailer hitch not to have the grip that it needs, and you could loose the trailer as you’re going down the road. Fortunately, we have a good selection of hitch balls and hitch ball mounts. So you’ll be able to find the size that you need.

Hitch Covers

Your trailer hitch can be a styling detail, thanks to our catalog of hitch covers. We have everything from collegiate team logo hitch covers (like Bully Collegiate Logo Hitch Covers), and car logo hitch covers, to custom billet hitch covers. We even have a hitch cover that says “Remove for Fun”.

Hitch Steps

Want to add some functionality to your trailer hitch? Then check out our selection of hitch steps. We have several different styles (like the Bully Adjustable Tailgate Hitch Step) of hitch steps to choose from, and they’ll make accessing your truck bed, or the back of your SUV, a whole lot easier.

Trailer Hitch Adapters & Extenders

Not every trailer fits to your trailer hitch the same way. So we stock a variety of trailer hitch adapters, and trailer hitch extenders that can make your load a lot easier to manage.

Trailer Locks & Hitch Pins

Keep yourself, and others around you safe, with a new trailer lock, or hitch pin. As small as it is, a trailer hitch pin keeps your trailer ball mount securely attached to the trailer hitch. And a trailer lock can prevent your trailer from accidentally coming un-hitched. You can’t put a price on added security.

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