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Transfer your engine’s power to the road with high-performance and lightweight flywheels from Carpartparadise. The clutch flywheel is a very important part of your vehicle’s manual transmission system. Without a flywheel, your engine can be torn into pieces by the constant deceleration and acceleration of the crankshaft. This rotating disc works with the clutch disc, pressure plate, and other clutch parts for maximum power transfer from your engine to your wheels. A lightweight flywheel is the most reliable flywheel to do the job, and we have lots of them for you to choose from! Our lightweight flywheels are made to work perfectly with your clutch parts. Try installing a lightweight flywheel from our line and be amazed of the powerful results!

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Centerforce Steel Flywheels
From : $234.50
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Centerforce Aluminum Flywheels
From : $647.16
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Cusco Lightened Chromoly Flywheel
From : $614.41
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ACT StreetLite Flywheel
From : $180.18
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ACT ProLite Flywheel
From : $207.48
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Ralco RZ Aluminum Speed Flywheels
From : $204.02
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Clutchmasters Chromoly Flywheel
From : $247.50
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Ralco Rz Steel Chromoly Flywheels
From : $190.51
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SPEC Clutch Aluminum Flywheels
From : $100.70
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SPEC Clutch Steel Flywheels
From : $226.14
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of 16 Products

One of the best ways to keep your engine healthy and your car running smoothly is having great quality spec flywheel on board. Your manual transmission engine relies on your flywheel to store rotational energy and produce power when you start the car. Needless to say, your cast iron or aluminum flywheel must always be at its best condition. Knowing the early signs of flywheel damage will help you solve the problem right before it causes bigger and more expensive engine problems.

When changing gears become harder than usual or it shifts back to the previous gear, you’re spec flywheel is damaged. Gear slippage happens when the bad or worn out flywheel has been causing plate grinding, increased friction, and oil contamination. The next sign to watch out for is a burnt smell like that of burned toasted bread. It is produced by too much heat in the plates from too much clutch driving. And lastly, watch out for flywheel vibrations that you’ll feel when you start the clutch. It’s probably telling you that you need to upgrade your clutch flywheel with a new one. In any of these situations, Carpartparadise wants to be there for you by offering the best replacement flywheel at affordable prices.

Carpartparadise’s flywheels are designed to give you one thing, more cranking horsepower. Whether you’re in search of replacement flywheel or want to upgrade to high-performance flywheel, we’re the place to be. For maximum strength and durability, choose our billet steel or forged steel flywheels. Our lightweight aluminum flywheel prolongs the life of your crankshaft while delivering more power to the pavement. If don’t want to spend more money, we have reasonably priced cast iron and nodular iron flywheels to do you good. Whatever flywheel design or construction you choose, the best-performing flywheel brands are here at carpartparadise.

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