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Transmission & Drivetrain

One of the most expensive things to fix on a vehicle is the transmission. So don’t take any chances with your transmission parts. We’ve got clutches, shifters, flywheels, automatic transmission filters, and so much more. Save your transmission, and save some money in the process, with Car Part Paradise.

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Ralco RZ Aluminum Speed Flywheels
From : $204.02
Free Shipping
Ralco RZ Stage 2 Clutch Kits
From : $146.01
Free Shipping
Ralco RZ Stage 3 Clutch Kits
From : $165.54
Free Shipping
Ralco RZ Stage 1 Clutch Kits
From : $103.19
Free Shipping
Ralco RZ Kevlar Clutch Kits
From : $318.24
Free Shipping
Ralco RZ Xteme Clutch Kits
From : $202.14
Free Shipping
Ralco RZ Stage 1 Clutch & Flywheel Kits
From : $316.69
Free Shipping
Ralco RZ Stage 4 Clutch Kits
From : $186.07
Free Shipping
Ralco RZ Dual Friction Clutch Kits
From : $197.40
Free Shipping
Ralco Rz Steel Chromoly Flywheels
From : $190.51
Free Shipping
Ralco Rz Aluminum Flywheels
From : $208.49
Free Shipping
of 13 Products

There’s a sharp corner coming up, so you hit the brake and slam it up into third. But as you start to drop the clutch, the transmission shrieks like it’s being eaten by a giant mechanical dinosaur, then the shifter starts to shake violently. You put the clutch back in and wrestle the shifter back into third, a bead of sweat forms on your brow, and you feel your heart beating faster. Again, you let the clutch out, slowly this time. “Come on baby”. Your Runabout LE shudders as third angrily engages.

Giant oak tree avoided.

Don’t let this happen to you. Car Part Paradise stocks all of the transmission parts you’ll ever need. >From competition clutch kits, to shifters and transmission mounts, we’ve got you covered.

Axle Shafts

The axles are very critical components of your drivetrain. When you need to get new axle shafts, carpartparadise can provide you with axle shafts that will beat your OEM in terms of quality and performance. We can also give you great and affordable deals, including free shipping. For the winning and affordable axle shaft solution, carpartparadise is here for you.


The best way to improve your drivetrain’s overall performance is to install new axles. We carry a bunch of high-performance axles that will fit to stock locations but will definitely offer upgraded performance on the wheels. We carry a bunch of Driveshaft Shop Axles including Driveshaft Shop Level 5 axles, 5.9 axles, Pro-Level Axles, Level 0 axles, and a whole bunch more.

Clutch Cables

We know that you’ve had problems with your inferior quality clutch cables. Pissed with sticky clutches and problematic reverse gears? Try our BBK Clutch Quadrant and Cable Kit and all these problems will be gone!

Clutch Discs

From Solid, 4-pad, or 6-pad discs, unsprung or sprung hub design, in organic, ceramic, metallic, sintered iron material, we have the best combination of disc style, hub design, and disc material to meet your power and handling demands. Carpartparadise is an official distributor of genuine ACT Clutch Discs, known for their high-performance and quality in the automotive market.

Clutch Kits

In order to enact your gear change, the clutch must grab hold of the spinning flywheel, to stop power going to the drive wheels while the gear change takes place. Sort of like a brake pad grabs a spinning brake disk. The more power your engine creates, the harder it is for the OEM clutch (like a SPEC Stage 1 Clutch Kit) to grab. To prevent this, performance clutch kits (like a Competition Clutch Stage 2 Clutch Kit) were developed. They’ve got more bite, and can withstand a lot of abuse, like a race clutch / competition clutch (like a Ralco RZ Stage 4 Clutch Kit). But don’t worry, we carry all three types, and shipping is always Free!

Differential Covers

Laying number 11’s can take a toll on your differential, so keep those gears cool with one of our differential covers. They can hold a lot more lube than a stock differential cover, and they’re finned to cool things down in a hurry. Know what else is cool? Free Shipping on all differential covers.


Bring more power from your engine to your wheels with top of the line differentials! We know that once your differentials are not working at its best, you experience devastating driving problems and worse, can’t drive your car. For such a very important part, get it from the most trusted online differential store, carpartparadise.


The best quality driveshafts help free-up more horsepower for faster speeds and reduced ETs. Now, what makes the best driveshafts? The perfect combination of strength and being lightweight and our Driveshaft Shop diveshafts will deliver just that, for your specific car. Plus, we offer free shipping for all driveshafts.

Flywheel Friction Plates

A flywheel friction plate sits between the flywheel and the clutch. Its purpose is to provide the clutch a clean surface to grip the flywheel. Flywheel friction plates are much cheaper than resurfacing, or replacing your flywheel. And you’ll save even more in Car Part Paradise because all of our flywheel friction plates ship for Free!


The flywheel mounts to the backside of the crankshaft, and transfers the engine’s power to the transmission. A lightweight flywheel (like a Fidanza Aluminum Flywheel) weighs much less than an OEM flywheel, so it transfers power to the wheels much faster. This improves throttle response, and gear changes. If you’re a serious driver, then a lightweight flywheel might be a good investment. But don’t worry, we have flywheels to suit anybody’s driving style.

Intermediate Shafts

Solve steering issues and save all the money that goes along with it with a high quality intermediate shaft. We carry Driveshaft Shop Intermediate Shafts that will let you take control of your steering. They install using common hand tools (so you don’t have to pay your mechanic if you can do it yourself) and they ship for free.

Pressure Plates

We have the perfectly matching pressure plates to your clutch disc, for the rock solid clutch performance and longer lasting clutch life. We carry diaphragm plates like the ACT Heavy Duty Pressure Plate, and other different plate styles that will suit your needs. For stock, slightly modified, or totally modified ride, we’ve got your pressure plate covered.


There’s nothing worse than trying to jam gears with a rubbery shifter. So get rid of that wiggle-stick and upgrade to a performance short-throw shifter. Click here to check out all of the performance shifters in Car Part Paradise.


A very important concern about spools is weight. We have lightweight spools or not-so-light spools to choose from.

Transmission Filters

Just like an oil filter, a transmission filter removes contaminants from your transmission fluid. So quit putting off that transmission service, and get a new transmission filter right here in Car Part Paradise.

Transmission Mounts

If you’re running any sort of modified engine, it’s putting way more power to the transmission than the OE transmission mounts were designed to handle. So prevent that flexing from robbing you of power with one of our performance transmission mounts. They’re designed to handle as much torque as your engine can pump out.

Transmission Pan

Want to get the most performance out of your transmission, while extending its life? Then check out our performance transmission pans. They hold more transmission fluid than a OE transmission pan, and they’re finned to draw heat from the transmission pan. You’ll get better lubrication, and your fluid won’t loose viscosity as fast.

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