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Turbos & Superchargers

Want to get more ponies from your pony car? Well, we have all the turbo parts & supercharger parts that you need. And we’ll even ship everything to you for Free!

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Cusco Turbo Heat Shield
From : $95.27
Free Shipping
Turbo XS Rotated Mount Turbo Kit
From : $791.64
Free Shipping
Turbo XS Type H34 Racing Bypass Valve
From : $192.27
Free Shipping
Turbo XS Intercooler Y-Pipe
From : $82.47
Free Shipping
Turbo XS Intercoolers
From : $47.66
Free Shipping
Turbo XS Hybrid Blowoff Valve
From : $192.27
Free Shipping
Turbo XS Blow Off Valve Accessories
From : $40.01
Free Shipping
Turbo XS Type-H-RFL Blow Off Valve
From : $192.27
Free Shipping
GrimmSpeed Turbo Heat Shields
From : $76.36
Free Shipping
GrimmSpeed Internal Wastegate Brackets
From : $30.73
Free Shipping
GrimmSpeed External Wastegate UpPipes
From : $277.46
Free Shipping
of 92 Products

One of the easiest ways to get more power from an engine is through forced induction. By increasing the amount of air going into the intake, you allow the engine to create more power.

Blow Off Valve Accessories

If you’re adding a blow-off valve, Car Part Paradise carries all of the blow off valve accessories that you’re going to need for a successful installation.

Blow Off Valves

A blow off valve (like a Turbosmart Blow Off Valve) prevents pressure surges, so you can get the most power from your blower. Plus, many of our blow off valves are adjustable, allowing you to dial in the power.

Boost Controller Accessories

If you’re ready to invest in a boost controller, then you’ll be happy to know that we carry all of the boost controller accessories that you’ll need for a successful installation.

Boost Controllers

Do you want to turn up the power in your turbocharged engine? Then check out our line of boost controllers. With just the turn of a knob, you can go from ‘sleeper’ to ‘screamer’. And we even carry the affordable Turbosmart eBoost.

Intercooler Piping

Carpartparadise is your number one source of top quality intercooler piping from top racing manufacturers (like Injen Intercooler Pipes). Each piping carries manufacturer’s warranty to guarantee that they are 100% authentic, shipping’s for free too.


An intercooler effectively chills the air that your blower is putting into the engine. Since cold air contains more oxygen, an intercooler allow you to get even more power from the boost. In Car Part Paradise, you’ll find many different types of intercoolers (including the Megan Racing Aluminum Intercooler), so you’ll be able to find the right intercooler for your application.

Silicone Hoses

We offer the best quality silicone hoses that will give your engine the performance and style upgrade it needs. Whether you are into tuning or modifying arena, our silicone hoses from reputable brands like Venair and Turbosmart will provide you with exceptional performance and durability.

Turbo Kits

Extract every bit of power from your engine with our complete and ready-to-install turbo kits. Our turbo kits will spare you from the all the hassle in finding all turbo components for your specific applications. We have them all in one package, and this powerful package ships for free. Our Perrin Turbo Kits come pre-assembled with all needed parts to make installation as easy as a breeze. All turbo kits are free of shipping charges.


A wastegate is designed to regulate the turbine speed in a turbocharger by expelling unnecessary exhaust gas away from the turbine. This reduces wear on the turbo, and it reduces turbo lag as well. If you want to get the most from your turbo, you’ll be happy to know that we have wastegates for a variety of applications.

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