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Wheels & Tires

Did you realize that the only thing between you and the pavement is that tiny patch of rubber on the bottom of your tire? All of your car’s power and suspension tuning are transferred to this small bit of tire. So keep your wheels and tires spinning with our selection of wheels, tires, and wheel accessories.

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Megan Racing 5 Lug Conversion Kit
From : $255.31
Free Shipping
Drop Engineering Conversion Hubs
From : $225.00
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Eibach Pro-Spacers
From : $70.49
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H&R DRS Series Wheel Spacers
From : $72.88
Free Shipping
H&R DRM Series Wheel Spacers
From : $116.44
Free Shipping
H&R DRA Series Wheel Spacers
From : $142.06
Free Shipping
H&R DR Series Wheel Spacers
From : $56.66
Free Shipping
H&R TRAK+ Wheel Adapters
From : $147.21
Free Shipping
Spyder Valve Caps
From : $14.38
Free Shipping
Spec-D Valve Caps
From : $13.00
Free Shipping
Drop Engineering Lug Nuts
From : $52.28
Free Shipping
Skunk2 Lug Nuts
From : $15.25
Free Shipping
of 31 Products

Today, car wheels seem to be getting bigger by the year. 16-inch, 17-inch, 20-inch, and those are just the OEM wheels. Aftermarket wheels can get a lot bigger than that, requiring suspension upgrades just to make them fit.

So if you’re trying to fit your ride with some new dubs, but you need a little help. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Air Compressors & Air Tanks

Think of the air compressor as the heart of your air suspension system, pumping it with compressed air to keep it running. Looking for high quality air compressor & air tanks? We’ve got it all for you!

Wheel Spacers

Wheel spacers are designed to allow the wheel to sit out farther from the wheel hub, while remaining securely attached to the vehicle. A wheel spacer will allow you to mount wider wheels, without damaging the brakes and suspension. Or, you could install wheel spacers to give your ride that low, bulging stance. Either way, we have wheel spacers in a variety of widths, so you can make your ride look just right.

Wheel Adapters

Since each car company uses a unique bolt pattern, your wheels have to match. A wheel adapter allows you to alter your vehicle’s bolt pattern, so you can run different wheels. They bolt to the wheel hub, and feature wheel studs which are set in a different pattern. Wheel adapters are easy to install, and we have a large selection. So finding the one that you need won’t be a problem.

Wheel Covers

Often called hubcaps, wheel covers keep dirt & debris from getting all over your wheel hubs, and brakes. Plus, they add a bit of style to your ride.

Lug Nuts

Lug nuts are responsible for keeping your wheels attached to the hub. But just because they’re a utilitarian part doesn’t mean they can’t look cool. We have a nice selection of lug nuts, and some are just as stylish as the wheel they’re going on.

Wheel Bolts

Some cars (like a Mercedes) use wheel bolts, instead of wheel studs & lug nuts to attach the wheel to the hub. So if you’ve lost one, you’ll find it in Car Part Paradise.

Wheel Locks

Good old lug nuts do their job on attaching your wheels to your car, but if you’ve juts bolted on some cool and pricey aftermarket wheels and rims, you need something better. Wheel locks are specialized lug nuts that offer more security to your pricey investments, that even the smartest thief can never un-wrench.

Wheel Studs

A wheel stud is what your wheel mounts to on the hub. Once the wheel is in place, you simply screw on the lug nuts. But wheel studs can break off, causing you to loose a bolt-point for the wheel. And that’s why we always keep wheel studs on our digital shelves.

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