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When you’re out in the middle of nowhere, the only Roadside Assistance that you’re going to get...depends on how creative you are. Unless you have a winch, then you can pull yourself out of nearly any situation. And our winch prices will keep your budget out of trouble too.

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Westin Winch Tray
From : $25.00
Free Shipping
T-Max Winch Recovery Kit & Accessories
From : $12.66
Free Shipping
T-Max Winch Fairleads & Shackles
From : $17.17
Free Shipping
T-Max Winch Mounts
From : $92.95
Free Shipping
T-Max Winch Cover
From : $24.20
Free Shipping
T-Max Replacement Winch Cables
From : $100.23
Free Shipping
T-Max ATV Winch Accessories
From : $30.71
Free Shipping
T-Max Winch Remote Control
From : $34.25
Free Shipping
T-Max Off-Road Jack
From : $105.93
Free Shipping
T-Max Performance Series Winch
From : $1,266.08
Free Shipping
T-Max Outback Series Winch
From : $825.75
Free Shipping
of 15 Products

A winch is designed to pull the vehicle it’s attached to, out of whatever it’s stuck in. You can also use a winch to drag other vehicles out of trouble, or help load heavy objects onto a trailer. But regardless of what you need a winch for, you’ll find the right one in Car Part Paradise.

9,000lbs and up Winches

Designed for people who don’t know what the word ‘crazy’ means, a heavy-duty winch (like the T-Max Outback Winch) is a must-have accessory, if you’re planning to go where no truck has gone before.

Compact and Economy Winches

Whether you need a small winch for your car trailer, or an ATV winch for next hunting trip, you’ll find them right here.

Winch Accessories

From winch trays and winch covers, to winch remote controls and replacement winch cables, you’ll find all of our winch accessories right here.

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